Car Runs Red Light in Yakima, Causes Auto Accident

Mario Farias had been out of work for some time and was struggling to take care of his family’s needs. He finally got an opportunity work and when that day came, he was so excited. On his way to work in Yakima, another car came out of nowhere and hit him. The other driver had run a red light and struck the side of Mario’s car. Mario was tossed around in the car and spun at least twice before coming to a stop. When he looked up, he was on the wrong side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

An Unjust Insurance Offer for the Auto Accident

As a Spanish speaker, Mario was confused when the police showed up and began asking questions. Not sure what to do, he called his wife to get a ride and went home with a sore arm. Mario waited for a response from the other drivers insurance and when they finally called, they offered him $100.00. For Mario, it could not have gotten any worse but he was inclined to just accept the insurance offer. That’s when a friend stepped up and told Mario he should contact Fielding Law Group for a free case review.

Free Case Review: Auto Accident Negligence

When he called Fielding Law Group, Mario spoke with Irma and explained his situation and the offer that he had received. He also complained of the sore arm and that the insurance had not addressed his personal injury. Irma advised him to see a doctor and that they would get started on the case. Mario’s doctor informed him that he would need rotator cuff surgery from a tear that occurred when he had braced himself with that arm against the steering wheel.

Compensation for Pain, Suffering, Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, & Damages

Dave, Irma and the team at Fielding Law Group in Yakima, sprang into action. Together, with the doctor’s report, the facts of the accident, and the damage and suffering that occurred, they determined that the actual value of the case was much higher and moved forward pressing the insurance for an accurate offer. With Mario and Fielding Law Group working as a team, they secured a settlement of $120,000. Mario was able to take care of his family and his expenses until he could return to work and do it on his own.