Washington Ranks 5 in Worst Drivers
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Most of us think that we’re good drivers, right? No one likes to be told that they are bad at something-especially at something as significant as driving. Adding insult to injury, we’ve all seen our fair share of bad drivers on the road!  You’re probably picturing some of those bad drivers in your head right now–like maybe the one who thinks their turn signals are optional, or the Sunday driver who wanders in the lane at fluctuating speeds, or those traffic bullies who stay just inches off your bumper-no matter how fast you go. And you’re probably thinking-“That’s NOT me!”

A new insurance study done by QuoteWizard shows that many western states aren’t fairing so well. Washington state is now ranked as the fifth worst in the country for bad drivers! Idaho didn’t do too much better, falling to the 9th worst, from their 14th position in 2016.

Are Growing Pains Contributing to Worst Drivers Report?

So what’s going on in the Northwest and why the backward slide for these two states? The study suggests this:

  • Washington: Is it the rain-soaked streets? Is it the legal weed? Is it Seattle’s massive growth? We’re not sure what’s causing it, but the fact is that Washington drivers are less-than-stellar. From passive to inattentive, Seattle drivers have a particularly prickly reputation. Considering the fact that Washington went from 9th to 5th worst since 2016, we’re prepared to blame the influx of transplants on the bad driving. Specifically, Washington’s accident rate jumped from 33rd worst all the way to 14th worst since last year.

Growth seems to be playing a role in the changing ranks. Idaho has been classified as the fastest-growing state in the country. Considering their falling numbers, apparently, they may be feeling these growing pains with a whole lot more drivers on the road too. If it’s any consolation to the Northwest–California takes the dubious honor of having the worst drivers.

Driving Dynamics

To level the playing field and fairly compare every state’s drivers in the study, the rankings factored and calculated incidents like auto accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations, and fatalities. Drivers from more heavily populated areas were weighted the same as those from more rural areas. And these findings were a bit of an eye-opener! 

One of the biggest challenges with today’s drivers is distracted driving. Distracted driving is a broad description for anything that directs the driver’s focus away from driving. Cell phones, music/headphones, and even other people in the car can fall into this category. Despite safety features in newer cars offering voice controls and hands-free operation of technology to help drivers keep their eyes on the road, apps and social media links like Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, and a host of other sites, have created new temptations that drivers and passengers find hard to resist.  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/15/business/highway-traffic-safety.html?_r=0

How Bad Driving Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

So whether you live in one of the states boasting the best drivers or one of the states with the worst, what you pay for insurance is directly related to where you live than being a safe and responsible driver. Even if you’re a great driver, living in an area with bad drivers makes your insurance premiums more expensive; this being especially true if you drive in California, Minnesota, Utah, South Carolina, Washington, or one of the other bad driving states.  Why? Logic stands to reason that if you’re surrounded by bad drivers, the more at risk you are for being in a motor vehicle accident. Insurance companies will use your zip code to determine risk-likelihood in providing coverage for you. Living in a city or state that has a lot of bad drivers means you’re going to pay more for the privilege to drive.

Safety First

How do we improve our ranking in the national driver’s poll and benefit from lower insurance costs? Simple. We have to BE better drivers! If everyone did their part to be law-abiding drivers, courteous of others and focusing their attention on the task at hand-like driving...Idaho and Washington drivers will have no problem becoming some of the best drivers in the country!

Here are 20 of the best defensive driving tips to evaluate and improve our skills behind the wheel.

Here to Help

Not all accidents are avoidable, but keeping these tips in mind can help us be better drivers and citizens.

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