Car accident claim

Winter usually brings its fair share of weather-related car accidents across the Northwest. With the coldest weather still expected over the next few weeks, we’ve already seen numerous multi-car pile-ups. We also know that a car accident involving multiple cars can happen to even the safest of drivers.

These pile-ups are often the result of a “chain reaction”. This typically occurs when several cars rear-end each other because of one person’s carelessness or unexpected conditions. This may be due to following too close, hitting icy slicks on roadways, or driving too fast for conditions. Distracted or aggressive driving may also cause hazardous driving conditions between multiple cars.

Multiple Car Accident Usually Means Multiple Injuries

Many innocent people, drivers, and passengers alike suffer unfortunate injuries and damages to body and property because of another’s negligence. In multicar accidents, multiple people and multiple injuries can make claims processes confusing. This becomes a source of great anxiety and stress for motorists dealing with it on their own.

When a massive collision involves several vehicles, trying to figure out fault for coverage claims can turn into a nightmare. It’s an exhausting process for investigators, witnesses, and victims alike. Investigations must consider extenuating circumstances and conditions, as well as determine if any negligent driving behaviors occurred. It’s no surprise when no one admits fault in multi-vehicle wrecks.

Law enforcement files police and accident reports, and yet, sometimes there is no definitive evidence to support the different accounts. Complications can arise when the accounts become a “he said/she said,”. However, the damages caused by multiple vehicles can corroborate everyone’s story.

You May Need Help From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle, intimidating for many, especially when pressured to settle quickly. You need someone with experience to examine the policies of all responsible parties and determine how to distribute the coverage based on needs and fairness. Having someone fighting for your rights takes the stress off of you so you can concentrate on recovering.

That’s why it is so important to obtain legal representation from an experienced personal injury firm, like Fielding Law Group, that focuses their practice on auto accident claims and victim representation. We know multiple drivers could be at fault in multi-car accident claims. We also understand that injuries and damages can outweigh a victim’s ability to financially absorb and emotionally cope. Their professional team and attorneys are skilled in dealing with insurance companies that are sure to not have your best interest in mind.

What if the Claim is Against a Friend or Family Member?

Many passengers feel uncomfortable and have a natural hesitancy in pursuing or filing a claim against a friend or family member’s insurance policy, for justifiable reasons. Having an attorney, who understands how insurances try to minimize payouts to no-fault parties, relieves the burden of seeking compensation for bills and damages caused by the accident. Fielding Law Group attorneys are a neutral ally for you, who will work with the insurance companies, minimizing the stress between friends and family. Let them take care of the frustration while you take care of each other.

Our Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help

Personal injury attorneys concentrate their practice to specific areas of the law. By limiting their range of cases to serve those who’ve suffered personal injuries, they are better able to concentrate their efforts and expertise in recovering compensation and restitution for their clients.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an auto or train accident, call Fielding Law Group today for a free consultation about your case. Our personal injury attorneys are familiar with the antagonistic tactics and runaround strategies some insurance companies use to wear innocent victims down and get them to settle quickly. Let Fielding Law Group represent you to the fullest degree of the law and we’ll fight to get you the highest compensation for your unique case. Remember—Don’t let an accident wreck YOU!