Photo courtesy of the Tri-City Herald

A Word of Caution

The Washington State Patrol had a busy morning in eastern Washington with a slue of collisions on the highways. With a total of six wrecks by lunchtime, troopers offered a word of caution for drivers. Especially with the evening commute still ahead–Slow Down!

The worst accident on Highway 240 was a totaled Corvette with it’s elderly driver taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Troopers are expected to issue him a citation for negligent driving. Speeding on newly wet roads is a recipe for disaster.

So what caused the rash of wrecks today? In one word….RAIN.

Rain Increase the Chances of an Auto Accident

After a hot and dry summer, rain has come as a blessed relief to many. But for those out driving, it has turned some ordinary travels into downright scary ones. When the first rains hit roads and pavement after an extended period of dry weather, oil rises to the surface and creates a greasy sheen on the surface.  Tires can lose traction on the slippery blacktop; and if tires don’t grab the road, simple mistakes or excessive speed can lead to senseless collisions.

Trooper Christ Thorson, with the Washington State Patrol, said that most of the day’s accidents were spin-outs and two-car accidents. People were following too closely for road conditions or just driving too fast. “They’re an avoidable situation. You won’t hear troopers say they’re accidents.”

One driver of a Chevy pickup failed to navigate the double-helix roundabouts on Highway 240 after it started to rain. The truck didn’t make it out of one the curves and went spinning off to the side of the road. View the article for this truck accident.

Rain + Speed=Reckless Driving

In an analysis of federal data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concerning weather conditions and driving fatalities, many assumed snow and ice would be the deadliest driving hazards. But they were wrong–it turns out it’s rain. The report showed that rain causes more driving fatalities in 39 of the 50 states than any other weather condition. Learn more about what causes fatal crashes nationwide.

The Auto Insurance Center report concluded: “It doesn’t take extreme conditions or intentional recklessness behind the wheel for tragedy to strike. Scary as it sounds, the factors to blame for the worst outcomes on the road are pretty common.” Learn more: Rain is the deadliest weather driving hazard.

A Safety Reminder

The Washington State Patrol cautions all of us–“Drivers need to be cautious when it’s raining enough to get the pavement wet.”

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