Don’t Let an Unsafe Road Conditions in Seattle Leave You With Unpaid Bills

Unsafe Road Conditions Accident Lawyer, Seattle WAThe government has the obligation to provide safe roads for users to traverse. When a government employee fails to do his or her job correctly and the result is an unsafe road, the dangers are compounded by the fact that motorists typically aren’t on the lookout for the dangers that can result. If you were injured in an accident caused by an unsafe road, you need an accident attorney who can take your case.  This is especially true in the case of an unsafe road accident because the government may have special protections or limitations on when and how it may be sued. Don’t let unsafe road conditions cause you to get injured.

At Fielding Law Group, our team of personal injury lawyers can help you establish liability and prove negligence in your case. We can also help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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Types of Unsafe Road Conditions

When roads are unsafe or dangerous, they can cause a collisions involving vehicles, pedestrians, road workers, and bicycles. Some types of unsafe road conditions that can cause wrecks include:


Large gaps in the roadway can cause damage to cars. They can also cause vehicles to veer from side to side and crash into other vehicles. When cars run into potholes, they can act unpredictably and put others in danger.

Uneven Surfaces

When a roadway includes two or more surfaces that are not even, they can cause vehicles to swerve. This often happens on the sides of roadways or between two lane, causing problems for drivers changing lanes or attempting to drive straight.

Loose Debris

When rocks, gravel, or dirt are on the roadway, it can cause vehicles to have difficulty stopping and maneuvering. This is common near work sites and at the entrances of driveways. Loose debris on surfaces is particularly dangerous for motorcycles and small vehicles.

Objects in the Roadway

Although the people who maintain roads cannot control what the public puts on the road, they to have an obligation to remove large objects in a reasonable amount of time. Objects commonly placed in the road by roadway workers include orange cones or barrels. These can be dangerous when they move from their intended places meant to guide traffic.

Defective Design

Some roads are dangerous as they are made. Unsafe curves, entrances and exit ramps, slopes, and dips in the road can cause dangerous situations for vehicles. If there is no sign to warn you of these situations, someone may be negligent.

Lack of Safety Features

Crosswalks should have warnings or lights, and bike paths should be properly marked. When these safety features are not highlighted on the roadway, people can be put in danger.

Lack of Traffic Controls

People generally follow traffic controls, such as signs and lights. However, when they do not exist, people are often confused about where to go and who has right of way. It can be confusing to drive without traffic controls, creating an unsafe roadway condition.

Ice and Snow

Although the government cannot control the accumulation of ice and snow on the roadways, they do have an obligation to remove it promptly. When ice and snow are not cleared for an unreasonable amount of time, they may be responsible for injuries that occur in crashes due to that ice and snow.

Dangerous Road Conditions Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Unsafe Road Conditions Accident Lawyer Seattle, WAWhile the government or a construction company may be to blame for an unsafe road condition, the people who get hurt are often members of the public. Seattle road conditions can cause accidents. Drivers who hit one another, pedestrians, and bicyclists often suffer. Another group of people who are often injured due to unsafe road conditions are roadway workers, such as flaggers and people directing traffic.

Injuries suffered on unsafe roadways are similar to those in any other car accident. They include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can result in expensive medical bills, and it can be difficult to determine who should pay those bills when the roadway caused your damages. It’s important to work with an unsafe road conditions lawyer to prove liability in your case.

Liability in Unsafe Road Condition Accidents

The government has a responsibility to properly build and maintain roadways for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. They must also use warning signs when appropriate. If you were following all roadway laws and encountered a dangerous road condition, then the government may be at fault for your injuries and other losses.

When the government knows about a dangerous road condition in Seattle, and fails to take action, they may be legally liable for injuries that occur due to that road condition. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you to prove, someone else was negligent and caused you or your loved ones accident and any injuries sustained in the accident.

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Seattle?

Seattle has many roads with unsafe conditions; however, there are a few that are markedly more dangerous than others. Take care around these roads. If you sustained injury near these roads, then the government likely knew about the unsafe road conditions and may be liable for your losses.

  • Intersection as 3rd Avenue and Pike Street
  • Intersection at 8th Avenue and Pike Street
  • Hwy 2
  • Interstate 5
  • Aurora Avenue N.
  • Intersection at 9th and James
  • Pike Street
  • I-90
  • I-405
  • Intersection at 85th Street and 15th Avenue NW
  • Intersection at E. Thomas Street and 11th Avenue E.
  • Intersection at Westlake Avenue N. and Valley Street

Many of these dangerous roads in Seattle are intersections. This is likely caused by a defective design or improper warnings at the intersection.

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