Friendly Feasts and Turkey Day Holiday Travel

‘Tis the season as a nation, to remember our Thanksgiving Tales and show gratitude by celebrating with friends and family, near and far. For the vast majority of Americans, that means holiday travel plans take us to our loved ones rather than exotic destinations.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Over 50 million people can expect to travel 50 miles or more to their dining destination.  Contrary to festive travel commercials, 91% of holiday travelers go by personal vehicle, like cars; compared to the 5-6% who travel by air, and the 2-3% by other modes. You guessed it! That means there will be a LOT of additional drivers on the road this week.

Holiday Travel Forecast

The United States Department of Transportation shows travel patterns between distance and days traveled. Here’s what to expect in the next few days:

  • For those traveling between 50 and 99 miles (44% of personal vehicle trips), more travel on Thursday than Wednesday, and more return on Saturday than Sunday.
  • For those traveling at least 100 miles away (56 percent of personal vehicle trips), trips are spread almost equally throughout the Wednesday through Sunday travel period.  Read more on Holiday Travel Statistics.

    If you are looking for fewer cars on the road, set your alarm and get off to an earlier start.

Prepped for Your Holiday Travel

Before you hit the road, here are few things to do so your festive travels go without a hitch:

  1. Car Check-Up: make sure tires are inflated, windshield wipers are working, the tank is full. Carry an emergency kit in your car, have extra water and snacks, and other useful supplies on hand-like phone chargers, a flashlight, extra blankets, and entertainment, if you’re traveling with children.
  2. Use GPS: like the Pilgrims, our journeys may have some unexpected delays. Utilizing a navigation system, can help find detours and faster routes in areas of congestion and/or construction.
  3. Obey the Law: many states have laws against texting and driving. Designate a family member to communicate with loved ones who are anxiously awaiting your arrival.
  4. Buckle Up: Always wear a seat belt and drive cautiously. Maintain an even speed and drive without following too close to other holiday travelers.
  5. Be Patient: Remember, a little extra time won’t matter in the long-run but personal and road safety saves lives!

Our Auto Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Here to Help

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident or travel-related accident, contact Fielding Law Group today for help. Our expert legal team has the experience you need to handle any holiday travel mishaps and help get the financial compensation you are entitled to, so you can get back to life. Remember—don’t let an accident wreck YOU!


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