Overnight Lane Closures Will Slow Traffic in Seattle

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Several overnight lane closures will slow the traffic on Interstate 5 right now. Work crews will be replacing green overhead signs hear Green Lake and Lake Union, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

They will also be changing the arrow and lane signs to positions directly above the lanes they describe, to eliminate the confusion that multiple revisions have left scarred in the pavement. A spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation said that the new lettering will be more reflective.

Most of the work will be going on during off-peak hours, with northbound I-5 narrowed down to a single lane by midnight in some areas. All lanes will open by 7 am. All of this comes on the anticipated Katy Perry concert and Seattle Boat Show. Thousands of additional drivers and commuters will be converging on the emerald city. Stay tuned to local traffic channels and make sure to give those workers some extra space. It’s the law! It’s not only safer but just plain courteous. We’ll all benefit from the improvements to our roads!


Cones, Barrels, and Barriers: Prevent Accidents with Caution

Traffic congestion and slow-downs are just part of driving. Often they are from dangerous collisions and wrecks, but other times, they are for maintenance and road improvements.  We should expect it from time to time. The Department of Transportation tries to schedule most of the maintenance during off-peak hours, for obvious reasons. But limited visibility and moving traffic on the job site make these situations inherently more dangerous. They rely on drivers to exercise more caution and patience.

Driving Tips: The Proper Way to Merge in a Work Zone

A key issue for road safety is courtesy. Safe and efficient movement of traffic through the merging area that quickly approaches a work zone lane closure depends on the merging driver’s ability to plan ahead, adjust speed and merge into a safe gap between vehicles in the open lane. Merging is much easier and safer when all drivers act in a courteous manner and work together. The law burdens the merging driver to merge in a safe manner. It is illegal for drivers in the open lane to actively block merging traffic.

According to the Washington State DOT, they make every effort to create a safe work area, but maintaining traffic directly adjacent to a work operation, separated only by a lane stripe is extremely hazardous for both drivers and workers. Longer term projects may use a temporary concrete barrier to separate traffic from the work zones. It is their practice to close the minimum number of lanes to safely and effectively get the job done.  Lane closures are analyzed for traffic delay impacts and every effort is made to minimize traffic issues as much as possible. https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Safety/WorkZones/faq.htm

Give ’em a Brake

The men and women who maintain and improve Washington’s more than 7,000 miles of state highway ask you to slow down and pay extra attention to safety signs. The “Give ‘Em A Brake” program promotes the protection of workers out on the job. So slow down, pay attention, help protect the workers and yourself. Extra attention and slowing down in a work zone may take some patience, it will eventually end, and is not what you’d see on a typical day. Most road projects are intended to be done quickly. It’s important to remember, there will be long-term benefits for all our road projects.  https://www.workzonesafety.org/outreach/give-em-a-brake-4/

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