You’ve Been in a Crash–It’s Your Call

Assistance Apps to help record information after an auto accident

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The Ford Motor Company has recently introduced a new smartphone app. It helps drivers know what to do and record after being in an auto accident. Like many other companies, they offer an easy way for accident victims to collect details regarding their wreck. These details may prove invaluable to the insurance companies, attorneys, and law enforcement officers that establish liability and cause.

Unfortunately, auto accidents happen all the time. By some accounts, there are over six million car accidents every year in the United States. Some just damage property, while some cause minor to life-threatening personal injuries, and even fatalities, for drivers and occupants alike.

We all face potential hazards on the road–like treacherous weather to an increasing number of distracted drivers. It may only be a matter of time before some find ourselves in need of an assistance app for an auto crash.

Being an AutoAccident–Being Prepared

It’s no surprise that amidst the shock and chaos, accident victims may not always accurately recall significant facts and details at a later time. Traumatic brain injuries, severe pain and injuries can challenge what may seem like simple memories or common sense to some. Getting important information at the tine of the crash is critical for victims’ rights.

Here’s some of the items you’ll find in the app:

  • Driver and vehicle info
  • Damage to either vehicle
  • Accident conditions
  • Witness information

No one ever plans on being in an auto accident. Being prepared with an assistance app that you easily download right to your cell phone, can help manage those flustering emotions and unsettling moments.

5 Other Cool Apps to Consider:

Not only is there a variety of car choices, there are multiple assistance apps to choose from. Here are five other cool apps to consider downloading, all which could be of great help from the time of an accident until it’s resolution:

1. SOSmart

SOSmart is a must-have application, especially in emergency situations. A driver can open the SOSmart app before hitting the road or in an automatic mode where the app turns on the crash detection monitoring in a moving vehicle.

The SOSmart works by making it easier to alert emergency contacts including first responders, family and friends. The app also displays listings of nearby hospitals and the quickest routes leading to them in an emergency.

Simply put, the app works as a single emergency button which alerts pre-selected contacts after you are involved in an accident.

SOSmart uses GPS to monitor the situation, which means that the app works for the duration of driving. Downside: SOSmart may drain much of the app’s battery, so it would best advisable to keep your phone charging.

2. Collision Call

Collision Call is an app available in both iOS and Android. They will immediately call emergency services after you’re involved in a car accident.

Like SOSmart, this app works after it is opened, tracking the driver’s movements while driving or taking the subway or riding the bus. To determine if a crash happened, Collision Call uses G-force measurements, which means that a mere sudden stop will not trigger the app.

It also uses the GPS tracking system which drains the battery in long use.

3. CamOnRoad

CamOnRoad is a free Android-based car accident camera that captures details of a collision. This app transforms your phone into a dashboard camera which is pretty handy as videos are immutable piece of evidence which could be your ticket out of sticky situations.

As a dashboard camera, it records everything that happens while you are driving. This is very helpful in establishing the actual events and could come handy in claiming insurance and seeking indemnity from the erring party.

A good quality car accident camera with clear recording is a reliable source of information from an insurance standpoint. The video recording of an app like CamOnRoad is an objective observer of the car crash and can straighten up inconsistent versions that might ensue.

4. Assisto

Assisto makes you truly prepared for any accidents, especially true if the insurance provider subscribes with Assisto.

Available in iOS and Android, Assisto allows the insured driver to scan the QR code found in the issued insurance policy card, allowing in the process the app and the subscribing insurance provider to save the personal data of the policyholder before any accident. Thus, after an accident, the driver would only need to fill out the missing information such as the account and course of the accident.

Through the app, you can also attach photos of the car and the crash site with the precise geo-location provided by the smartphone’s GPS. Upon confirmation of the accident statement via Assisto, it will be immediately forwarded to the insurer, with a copy of such statement being sent to the policyholder’s e-mail.

5. AxiKit Accident Report Kit

An instructional app that will guide you after being involved in a car accident, the AxiKit Accident Report Kit is available both in iOS and Android. AxiKit has an accurate voice recording feature that removes the hassle of typing, which is very tedious, especially after an accident. It also has a satellite map which pinpoints the exact location, date and time of the accident.

After a Car Accident

Having an app on your phone can prove invaluable at the time of a crash, although does NOT eliminate other responsibilities. It’s important to also do the following:

  1. Never Leave the Scene of an Accident–even a minor one.
  2. If able–get out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  3. Call the Police–even if there are no serious injuries.
  4. Use an app or write down accurate details from the accident
  5. Take pictures–not all damage is visible, but a picture is worth a 1000 words!
  6. Exchange Information–law enforcement will often do this. Make sure you have information on all drivers’ and parties involved.
  7. Report the Accident as soon as able to your insurance company.
  8. Seek Medical Attention Immediately–although some injuries do not appear right away, a full evaluation can save your life.
  9. Organization is Key–keep all accident-related documents and information together in one place. Receipts, claim numbers, attorney’s names, etc.
  10. Protect your Rights–consulting with an attorney may be one of the most important things you do following an accident. They are pivotal acquiring valuable evidence and reports. Personal injury attorneys can address the whole picture, ensuring you receive full compensation for your pain and suffering. They even help in getting the best medical treatments, dealing with subversive insurance strategies and tactics.

Our Auto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help You

Car accidents cause serious and life-threatening injuries–and chaos in our lives. Most accident victims may not only need excellent medical care, but a skilled and experienced personal attorney, to help manage the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one has been in an auto accident or hit by a negligent driver, contact Fielding Law Group for a free legal consultation today.  Our team of professionals know your legal rights and will get right to work on helping you get the care, compensation and settlement you deserve. Our trusted attorneys will be with you every step of the way. Remember–Don’t let an accident wreck YOU!  We are here to help you get your life back.