Summer Driving

The Heat is Rising: Summer Driving Tips

‘Tis the season for recreation and renewal. Toasty temperatures promise hours of fun in the summer sun–from tasty barbeques with friends and family, to cruising along winding by-ways—for many, summer time means travel time. Millions are hitting the road for recreational escape, anticipating drives filled with scenic treasures and sweet memories. But, it might come as a surprise to some, that heat is not the only thing rising this summer! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more motor vehicle accidents during the warmer summer months than the cooler months of winter–August and September top the chart for the most car accidents. Here are a few of the contributing factors to be aware of from several NHTSA studies:


*School is out. Teen-aged drivers are on the road for longer periods of time. Inexperience, social media distractions like texting, and being influenced by peer pressure increase the likelihood of more accidents in this age-range than any other. Another factor is that parents spend more time behind the wheel when the kids are home, chauffeuring between entertaining events and activities to fill their long stretch home.

*Increases in Distracted Driving. With the rapid increase in technology, there’s virtually a cell phone or tablet in almost every hand in America! Convenience and habits are hard to put break, especially behind the wheel. Many states have laws on the books now to deal with this epidemic. Hefty fines and premium increases will be soaring with summer temperatures! See this article for some great ideas of how to avoid distracted driving.


*Vacation Travel. Tightened purse strings seem to relax during the summer with tax deadlines in the past and the crunch of holiday shopping still in the future. People are using their time-off and extra money to visit new locations, relatives, and places of interest during the warmer months. Stay-cations have many saving on the costs of airfare and hotels, but increases their time in the car for day trips and quick outings. Overall, summertime means more people on the roads. And more people on the roads increase the risk of accidents.

*Increased Road Construction. It’s hard to travel anywhere there isn’t some kind of road construction going on during the summer!  Construction crews take advantage of the longer days with light to get major projects done before winter weather brings it to a standstill. As a result, driving to summer destinations may include detours, additional/temporary road signs, and hazardous road conditions or closed lanes—all of which can result in a greater possibility of driver error.


*Hot temperatures can lead not only to Hot Tempers…but hot cars and overheating parts. Doing more driving requires more attention to maintenance before the journey begins. Check all the fluids ahead of time to make sure they are not low.  Heat can also cause the air inside tires to expand and burst, causing dangerous tire blowouts!  It may not have even been your blown tire that caused an accident! Thousands of accidents reported every year are caused by vehicles hitting roadway debris, like pieces of rubber from large truck tires.  Tires are a common factor in every vehicle on the road. Make sure that your tires have good tread and life in them before setting out on the road.  A broken car on the shoulder of a road is not only dangerous—but doubly miserable–in the heat.


Always practice safe driving habits—all year round!  Recreational travelers abound especially during summer, so don’t let the summer heat beat you out of having a great time!  When planning your driving excursions, do the following:

*Get plenty of rest before driving

*Be prepared for occasional delays when traveling distances

*Always wear your seatbelts

*Stow those cell phones away or give to a designated passenger to keep for the duration of the drive

*Anticipate other vehicles around you and be watchful for unexpected conditions and terrain

*NEVER drink and drive


Avoiding distractions can significantly decrease the number of preventable accidents. Don’t let the rising summer heat turn your plans into a statistic.



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