Midnight Madness for Yakima Street Racers

A group of eleven racing-style sport cars assembled on a Friday night in Yakima for a street racing show-down on who could be the fastest. The lethal lanes chosen for the high-speed madness was State Route 12.

It was just before midnight when they drove by an unmarked patrol vehicle heading to their starting point. The trooper knew something was up and immediately called for backup.

The Washington State Patrol said local street racers had blocked access to the highway, clearing it for their race.

Fortunately, backups arrived. As the sport cars sped down the highway, troopers were standing by to pull them over. Troopers said that speeds reached more than 90 miles an hour.

Two drivers were arrested and taken to the Yakima County Jail, where they were booked on charges of reckless driving. The other nine were cited for speeding.

Due to quick action on the part of law enforcement, no one was hurt in this incident. https://www.yaktrinews.com/news/speed-racing-suspects-arrested-in-yakima/715797604

Street Racing is a Deadly Game

Street racing is a dangerous and deadly game that puts everyone on the road at risk of death or serious injury. It jeopardizes the future of anyone found participating in it–with so many potentially killed or injured by it.

Is it worth the risk?  The answer is emphatically NO. But there’s more to it.

Street racing and reckless driving can lead to losing driving privileges for years. Penalties will usually increase with multiple offenses, leading to the possibility of a street racer’s driver’s license being revoked for 10 or more years. Authorities can impound modified vehicles. Confiscating a street racer’s car puts it at risk of sold or crushed.

Going without a vehicle can cripple one’s mobility and transportation needs, even minimizing  the ability for gainful employment, just to start. http://stop-street-racing.org/street-racing-stats.htm

Illegal Racing is a Drag

If convicted of street racing, the driver’s car insurance may be cancelled or the rates dramatically increased. If caught racing and the crash is credited to your negligence and illegal participation, your policy would automatically be cancelled and the costs of the crash not covered.

Depending on state and local laws, illegal street racing can be a real drag. Those cited for reckless driving or street racing will not only pay higher insurance premiums, but see heftier monetary fines and penalties with any subsequent infractions. Costlier penalties are in an effort to dissuade and deter interested parties from getting involved in or continuing to race in these dangerous events.

Street Racing is Deadly

There will always be thrill-seekers and those who choose to live on the edge. But reckless street racing is not an individual sport that potentially harms a lone driver. It’s greater than that. Unsuspecting motorists and innocent travelers can have their lives snuffed out in catastrophic consequences, through no fault of their own, because of these street racing events as well.

Street racing is a deliberate choice that can have lasting consequences. Injuries to life, limb, and happiness are probably not in the forefront of any driver’s thoughts as pedals go to the metal. But it’s the sad reality.

Participating in illegal street racing can be just as harmful and deadly as drinking and driving or getting behind the wheel under the influence (DUI).

Hollywood has popularized the drag-racing craze with multi-million dollar blockbusters. But don’t forget to separate fantasy from reality. No fooling– street racing is not just a fun game. Losing one’s natural inhibitions and safety-mindedness can cost everything!

Speeding Crashes: Gone Too Soon

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and numerous other agencies, have found that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among the 16-24 age group, year after year. It’s important to note that the majority of these fatal crashes were a direct result of speed and acceleration well-past the legal limits.

Our country has seen how motor vehicles crashes have been the leading cause of death, particularly among young men, over the past three decades. Thousands of lost lives every year has taken a toll on our younger population and our pocketbooks. Rising insurance rates, the costs of damages and repairs, funeral expenses, and medical bills–all of these have a dollar amounts in the billions attached to them.

What is the value of a life gone too soon?  For more crash stats, check here.

Know More About Speeding:

  • With every increased mile per hour–you also increase reaction travel time, braking distance and crash energy.
  • High speed wrecks compromise your car’s safety features.
  • When you speed, you also decrease the judgment of other drivers to be able to gauge your distance and speed.
  • Safety factors determine what the speed limits are. They are based on roadside environment, roadway design and pedestrian traffic.
  • Speeding to keep up with the flow of traffic is not legal and you can still receive a citation.
  • Speeding decreases your fuel efficiency.
  • You should always be able to stop within the distance you can see ahead.
  • Consider road conditions, weather and road design and slow down accordingly.
  • It is easier to lose traction when speeding around a curve and the high center of gravity makes it easier to roll over. Slow down before curves.
  • Remember to use the two-second rule to keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you. https://www.t-driver.com/know-the-risks/high-school/speeding/

Choice and Consequence

Safe driving is no accident. Think about the consequences compared to just a few speeding moments of excitement. The outcome is hardly worth the self-indulgence at the risk of losing long-term driving privileges or even a life. Public roadways should never be a playground for thrill-seekers and street racers. The short-term highs aren’t worth the long-term lows–or the possibility of fatal consequences. Slow down. Arrive alive. And don’t become a statistic this year…or any year on the road!

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