Move Over Law

Slow Down, Move Over Law

The Washington State Patrol is kicking off an awareness campaign to remind drivers to move over a lane whenever they see law enforcement stopped on the side of the road with their lights on or if they see emergency vehicles stopped for roadside assistance.

This law has been in the books for over 10 years now, yet troopers are constantly hearing from drivers that they didn’t even know the law existed.

Flashing Lights Ahead

The Move Over Law requires drivers that are approaching an emergency zone to move over or switch lanes. But what’s the emergency zone? It’s the 200 feet before and after a police car, fire engine, ambulance or tow truck, parked on the road with lights on.

The law recognizes that it’s not always possible for drivers to move lanes, so it’s vital that moving traffic slow down for the emergency vehicles or law enforcement officers.

Anyone caught violating the Move Over Law can be cited for a $214 ticket that cannot be waived or reduced.

Photo courtesy of KOMO News


Every day, law enforcement officers, first responders-like Fire, EMS, and others–put their lives on the line when they rapidly attend to incidents on America’s highways and roads. They literally risk their lives in their efforts to protect the public.

Every State Has said to “Move Over”

Each state has joined the “Move Over, America” partnership to keep law enforcement officers and first responders safe. Prior to 2016, traffic-related incidents were the number one cause of officer fatalities in 15 out of 20 years. Last year, out of the 53 officers killed in traffic-related incidents, 15 were struck and killed outside of their vehicle.

We know our first responders and police officers are willing to put themselves in harm’s way. Many traffic accidents that fatally wound America’s bravest were preventable if drivers slowed down and moved over.  Yet, according to a national poll sponsored by the National Safety Commission:

  • 71 percent of Americans have not heard of “Move Over” laws;
  •  86 percent support enacting “Move Over” laws in all 50 states; and
  • 90 percent believe traffic stops and roadside emergencies are dangerous for law enforcement and first responders.

If you see flashing lights on the roadside you know what to do: Slow down and Move over! Provide a safe zone for those doing their job and protect those who would give all to protect us!

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