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Attentive Driving is Good for EVERYONE

The state of Idaho’s Transportation Department has kicked off a new campaign to encourage drivers to be more attentive and alert behind the wheel.  Rather than telling drivers the do’s and don’ts of attentive driving, they would rather promote a “Lifestyle change,” as the highway safety manager, Jon Tomlinson, explained.   This new campaign, “Shift Idaho,” hopes to shift driver’s attention, focus, vision, and behaviors to safe driving.

In a nutshell, things like cell phones, certain conversations, and other distractions should wait until after the ride is over. This ensures that the driver’s focus is on the road and that all possible scenarios get their undivided attention.

“Let’s Talk”

Idaho would like this to be more of a grassroots “campaign” to start discussions between family members, friends, and even communities. Anyone commuting in a passenger vehicle is a contributing factor to safe travel and arrivals.  As passengers, everyone needs to understand that a driver’s attention and eyes need to be on the road when safely operating a motor vehicle. “Shift Idaho” encourages open conversations about safe and attentive driving so everyone relying on passenger or work vehicles for their transportation have an invested interest in preventing accidents and deaths on Idaho’s roadways.

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Safety is NO Auto Accident

Many occupations, most businesses, and organizations rely on someone driving. Whether it’s the employee commuting to a workplace, the delivery truck with goods and supplies, or shipping companies and carriers–Idaho wants to encourage safe workplace driving habits as well. Safety is no auto accident and can directly affect productivity and profit margins in businesses and the community.

No matter where we live or the time of year, safe and attentive driving is the best way to commute! A “shift” in our attention will benefit everyone nwhen we get behind the wheel.

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