Riding Towards the Weekend

The workday had just ended for Seth on a sunny Friday afternoon. Although it was the end of September, it was still warm enough to ride his motorcycle without a jacket.  He stopped at the bank, and he was off to meet his friends to start their weekend together.

Heavy traffic slowed the ride down Aurora (State Route 99) that day. Each side of the roadway had two travel lanes, a turn lane, and curb lanes full of motor vehicles. Because Seth was on his motorcycle, he’d opted for the open curb lane to bypass the slowed and stopped cars.

Several businesses had entry access points along the busy thoroughfare. Cars waiting in the northbound lanes often left space for southbound traffic to turn left into these business parking lots.

The law requires left-hand turners to yield to oncoming traffic from all lanes. For some reason that day, the elderly driver of a Toyota Prius failed to yield to traffic in the curb lane as well as the other lanes of traffic. As she quickly charged through the gap in front of the paused travel lanes, in a dash for the business’ entrance, she negligently proceeded through the curb lane that was still flowing with other motorists.

The Toyota was suddenly and unexpectedly in Seth’s lane of travel. He collided into the passenger side of the vehicle as a result. We refer to this type of impact as a T-bone or broadside collision. As the impact crushed his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, the force of it also vaulted him over the top of the vehicle. Seth then landed on the pavement he’d just been driving towards seconds before.

Even though Seth was wearing a full-face helmet, he sustained severe lacerations across his forehead and face. The impact was devastating, causing multiple pelvic fractures, a crushed femur, as well as a broken wrist and nose. The motorcycle he’d only had for a short time was also a total loss.

Needing Help: A Slow Recovery

Seth survived his brush with fate and spent several months healing and recovering from his injuries. It was weeks before he could head back to work, having a very low endurance threshold, and still needing to rebuild his strength.

As in many auto accidents, Seth needed legal help with his injury claim, so he hired a local law firm to handle his case. After some time, that firm said they could no longer represent him due to a past criminal record, which was now almost two decades old. They told him if the case were to go to court he would not be credible, despite the evidence of multiple fractures, the complete loss of his vehicle, and the negligence on the causing driver’s part.

Seth wasn’t sure what to do next and worried that nobody would be able to help him after that law firm refused his case. Then he found out about Fielding Law Group through our Facebook page and contacted us. We assured him that we would do all we could to help.

Committed to EVERY Victim’s Rights

Fielding Law Group is committed to helping victims’ of auto accidents, and those who have suffered personal injuries through no fault of their own, settle their claims. We believe everyone deserves legal representation without prejudice, especially if they’ve been a victim of someone else’s careless mistakes.  We reassured Seth that we would do all that we could to help him get the settlement and restitution he was entitled to, as the victim of a crash he did not cause.

Shortly after requesting his file from the previous law firm and gathering his medical records, we sent a demand letter to the insurance company of the at-fault party, demanding they pay their insured’s policy limits of $100,000, which they readily agreed to. Seth’s case was fairly settled and his bills paid. He would be the first to tell you how thrilled he was with how Fielding Law Group handled his case.

Sometimes finding the right law firm for the job doesn’t happen on the first try. Every victim of a car crash deserves to have their interests fairly represented by someone who cares about them and their rights. Call Fielding Law Group today for a free consultation and valuation of your claim. We’ll make sure that we are the last law firm you need to settle your case.

  Remember–Don’t Let an Accident Wreck YOU!