A semitruck driver barely missed a Bannock County home when he crashed his vehicle.

When EastIdahoNews.com made it to the scene of the April 3 crash, authorities had left and weren’t available for comment by phone. They put out a press release in the afternoon.Idaho Car Accident Lawyer, Boise Accident Lawyer

Jesse Edward Brown and his wife, the homeowners, were getting ready for the day when they heard a loud crash at 7:16 a.m. The driver ran off the road on highway 30 outside of McCammon, just before the entrance to Interstate 15. After running off the road, he knocked down a small tree, narrowly avoided a power pole, ran over a small canal and then crashed in a home’s patio and garage.

Brown felt lucky that they were both in the house at that time and that the driver hadn’t hit the home. Neither of them were injured in the crash.

The garage had fallen over from the impact of the crash. Brown said that he considered it a total loss.

“It didn’t scare me much because I’m barely hurt. My wife was in the front room, so it was a lot louder for her. I was back in the bedroom,” Brown said.

Brown said that while his wife was, “a little shook up,” she was doing well.

According to Brown, the driver exited the semitruck and seemed disoriented, and said that he had fallen asleep.

Police said he driver was a 25-year-old male from Brooklyn, New York. He was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash and was transported by ground ambulance to a local hospital.

Hendrickson’s Towing was at the home from the morning to the afternoon removing the semitruck from the crash site. The crew was able to remove the semitruck from the property at 1:45 p.m.

Idaho State Police is investigating the crash. They haven’t revealed if any charges will be brought before the driver of the semitruck.

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