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Highway Crossing Results in Deadly Pedestrian Accident

A motorist struck an adult male who was attempting to cross southbound Highway 99, between the 18600 and 18800 blocks on Thursday night. The crash happened just before midnight and Lynnwood Police say its too soon to determine all the contributing factors to this crash.

The first vehicle threw the man, and in addition a second vehicle struck him as well. The pedestrian died as a result. Both drivers remained on the scene. Although the investigation is still in its early stages, we do know that the pedestrian was not using a crosswalk at the time of impact.

A local hospital treated a passenger from one of the vehicles for minor injuries. More information and the cause of the accident are pending investigation.

Pedestrian Accident Prevention: Safety First

Traffic accidents claimed the lives of over 4,700 pedestrians in 2013. Emergency rooms treated another 156,000 for non-fatal injuries. Those numbers increased in 2015 to almost 5,400 fatalities and 129,000 non-fatal injuries.

Pedestrians and drivers share the road, with every driver being a pedestrian at some point along the way. Each has a responsibility to be safe in their journeys together.  There are many things, both drivers and pedestrians can do to stay safe, no matter which side of the wheel you are on.

Whenever you’re out walking, keep this safety advice in mind:

  • Be VISIBLE. This is especially important on busy roads and in the dark. Increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight and wearing reflective clothing.
  • Walk on a sidewalk-and if not available-walk on the shoulder of the road facing traffic. This increases your visibility to drivers.
  • Use designated crosswalks and intersections to cross the street. If one is not available, find a visible spot on the road to cross and wait for gaps in the traffic flow before attempting.
  •  Avoid distractions such as electronic devices, cell phones, or notebooks that take your eyes and attention off the road.
  • Don’t use Headphones! As a pedestrian, your eyes and ears are the best tools for keeping yourself safe. Be alert and watchful of your surroundings.
  • Stay sober in every form of transportation used!  Studies show that almost half of all traffic accidents involving a pedestrian casualty involved alcohol, with 35 percent of that total on the part of the pedestrian. We all know that alcohol impairs judgment and physical reflexes—on your feet, as much as behind the wheel.

Main Contributor to Pedestrian Accident: Distracted Driving

“Distracted Driving” is a common term used for a variety of activities motorists do that take their focus and eyes off the road. People have coined the phrase“distracted walking” to explain the modern-day phenomenon occurring among young people. Check out some of the reasons why here:

The human body is not built to withstand impact with a motor vehicle. Speed and force are deadly combinations against flesh and bone. That’s why eyes and ears are the best defense in preventing contact between a moving vehicle and a pedestrian.

Thinking on Your Feet

Many communities across the state have comprehensive and active campaigns advocating for pedestrian safety.  Communities allot millions of dollars to improve walking and biking conditions, particularly in the larger populated areas. Planners want their communities to be more “walkable”-by creating wider footpaths that offer greater accessibility, better lighting for night-time use, and more crosswalks at intersections.  Check out: and

But despite all the best efforts and funding to make our communities safer, it really comes down to individuals. Make safe choices on the road and think on your feet. No law or amount of money can protect you from human error. Take the time to cross roads safely and to watch for anyone already on the road. Safe choices matter!

Determining Fault in Pedestrian-Auto Accident Cases

Safety on the road is a two-way street. It’s always a good practice to expect the unexpected–for drivers and pedestrians alike! Drivers–that means looking out for pedestrians at all times. You can never let your guard down behind the wheel. For pedestrians–that means obeying the rules of the road and making yourself visible at all times.

After a car crash involving a pedestrian, it’s not always easy to determine who is at fault for the incident. Generally speaking, the law of negligence will determine who is at fault. Negligence is defined as careless or unlawful behavior.

Some examples of negligence on the pedestrian’s part might include:

  • Jaywalking.
  • Being in the crosswalk when it is not indicated for them to do so.
  • Walking on the road instead of the sidewalk.

Some examples of negligence on the driver’s part may include:

  • Running a red light.
  • Not coming to a full stop at a stop sign.
  • Speeding.
  • Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone, checking GPS, changing music, etc.).

What If Both Parties Showed Negligence?

There are some cases where both you and the pedestrian might be at fault for the car crash. For example, if a text message distracted you and then you hit a jaywalking pedestrian, the law of negligence might apply to both of you.

Pedestrian Accident, Auto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers are Here to Help

Pedestrian accidents are more frequent, and complicated, than you may realize. Pedestrians have the same rights as motorists on the road and many of these accidents are due to carelessness or even the recklessness of others. Even if you feel your injuries are minor, you need someone who is familiar with the law and who can ensure you receive the care and representation you are entitled to. Fielding Law Group knows the tactics some insurance companies use to quickly settle with victims of pedestrian accidents. Let them do the work so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet!

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