Concern Grows for Local Pedestrian and Crosswalk Casualties

Photo courtesy of The Herald 292 Pedestrians Struck Last Year--8 Deaths Snohomish County is the quieter, more suburban county just north of King County. But it gets its fair share of foot travelers and motorists alike. The number of pedestrian collisions has been steadily climbing over the last five years.  292 hits and [...]


Deadly Roadside Pedestrian Accident in Idaho, Struck by 3 Vehicles

Deadly Pedestrian Accident after Car Breaks Down A man is dead after being struck by three different vehicles late Wednesday evening. His vehicle was parked without lights on in the eastbound lane. Investigators say he was standing outside of his vehicle when he was hit by the first car. He was then struck by two [...]


Yakima SUV Pedestrian Accident Leaves One Dead

Pedestrian Hit but SUV in the Dark A 46-year-old man was crossing the street near the intersection of West Mead and South 3rd Avenue around 7 pm when he was hit by a SUV. Police believe the reason the driver of the SUV didn’t see the man until the last second was because he was [...]