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Fielding Law Group is a team of experienced attorneys that are dedicated to providing you with quality service and winning your case. We are committed to making sure that you win the financial reimbursement that you deserve for your accident. If you are looking for a reliable and respected pedestrian accident attorney in Seattle, look no further than the Fielding Law Group.

Pedestrian accidents are quite common and extremely dangerous. According to recent statistics, almost 5,000 pedestrians were actually killed in traffic related accidents across the United States. Tragically, these kinds of accidents are more common as streets across the country become more congested and drivers become more distracted by new technology. The pedestrian accident lawyers in Seattle will be present for you during your time of need. We will provide free consultations and are always available for avid communication between lawyers and clients.

At the Fielding Law Group, we understand that accidents happen when you least expect them. Our lawyers have experience winning cases of all kinds, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, hit and runs, and unsafe road condition claims. When it comes to pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle, our team is the best way to ensure you get a financial settlement that can take care of your medical bills, discomfort, or inconvenience that you may have experienced.

Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Seattle Will Fight for You

In another recent survey, studies show that on average there is almost one crash-related pedestrian death every 2 hours. Over 150,000 pedestrians had to visit an emergency room in the United States because of a motor vehicle accident. Did you know that pedestrians are almost two times as likely to be killed in a car accident as opposed to a passenger wearing his or her seat belt is? Sometimes, it seems as if being a pedestrian is even more dangerous than riding in a car. Pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle serve a very real need in this bustling metropolitan city. We are proud to say that we have legally represented over one thousand clients. With over 40 years of experience, our clients have received a collected amount of over 20 million dollars for their financial reimbursement.

Pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle are waiting for your call. We will fight for you and do not get paid unless you do. Our highly-qualified attorneys believe you have the right to recover your medical bills and additional expenses for your accident. Visit our website to learn more about the best pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle. The Fielding Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that you win your case and receive the financial reimbursement that you deserve for your accident.