Working with a Bellingham Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When it comes to a motorcycle accident, you may feel burdened by everything you need to take care of – all while dealing with physical injuries. There are deadlines you need to meet, bills to be paid, and maybe even some work days you will need to miss. At Fielding Law Group, our attorneys are here to lift some of that burden to give you peace of mind.

Fielding Law Group attorneys specialize in personal injury and auto accidents in Washington and Idaho. Our team of lawyers have over 50 years total experience and understand the specifics of legal doctrine for proper representation. Various factors will play a role in your case, and you want an attorney you can trust. Consult with a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accident cases in Bellingham, Washington to protect your rights.

motorcycle accidentWhy Have Motorcycle Accident Attorney Deal with the Insurance Companies?

Trying to understand laws surrounding comparative negligence can be a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately, insurance companies will use this legal defense to reduce the liability of the person who caused the accident. They will do this by arguing that the injured person was partially responsible for their injuries. On top of that, insurance adjusters will also contact you during your recovery period to talk about your accident. They have ways of asking questions to draw out specific answers from you that will help them to avoid liability when possible.

Having an attorney on your side who will communicate with the insurance companies is important. An experienced attorney will know the questions to ask and is familiar with the tricks insurance companies will try to use against you. An attorney will work to recover the damages for your injuries and support you during the process. They will be there to answer any questions you may have and represent you at their best.

Experienced motorcycle and auto accident attorneys know the federal and state laws to defend your case fully.motorcycle accident checklist

Checklist Before Beginning a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Bellingham:

  • Case Review: A lawyer from our team will provide you with a breakdown of your case, so you understand the process of filing a claim
  • Gather Evidence: You and your lawyer will collect any evidence, such as photographs of the accident, medical records, and/or expert testimony
  • Establish liability/fault by the other party
  • Case begins once medical treatment from the accident ends
  • Lawyer battles insurance companies

Settlement for your Personal Injury & Motorcycle Accident Case:

After the insurance company evaluates your case, a motorcycle accident attorneys will negotiate the monetary value for a favorable settlement. A lawyer will identify value for your damages, loss of wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, damages, and emotional distress. If they reject your settlement, Fielding Law Group’s lawyers will provide you with the next steps to move forward with the litigation process.

Our personal injury and auto accident attorneys have experience with various cases and will be there for you every step of the way. Our team of experts have recovered over $35 million and want to take care of you as well. Contact your nearest Fielding Law Group’s Washington office to speak with an attorney and get your free case review.

Fielding Law Group understands you need good communication for peace of mind as you recover. Our personal injury attorneys in Washington will work your case and update you on your claim’s status. Ultimately, it is important to Fielding Law Group that you are comfortable and happy with your experience. Our goal is to alleviate additional financial burdens while you heal; hence, why you don’t pay unless we win.