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studies have proven that hiring an attorney for your car accident case can increase the value of your settlement by up to 3.5 times.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you need an auto accident attorney who has experience with navigating the world of insurance claims, settlement negotiations, medical bills, lost wages, and litigation. Our team of car accident lawyers and paralegals have helped thousands of accident victims through this process. Our experienced staff can help you obtain a just and fair resolution to your claim. As qualified and skilled auto accident attorneys, we’re familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to wear you down. Make the right choice by selecting a leading car accident lawyer to take on your case today. The Fielding Law Group will represent you to the fullest extent of the law and dedicate themselves to winning your case!

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Fielding Law Group, Best Car Accident Lawyer Seattle

Oscar G

"Very thankful you went out of your way to maximize my overall experience left me very satisfied."

Fielding Law Group, Best Car Accident Lawyer Seattle

Galilea M

"Great, fast, they were well understood. They helped me very much with my case. So happy to have had them for this case. Thank you!"

Fielding Law Group, Best Car Accident Lawyer Seattle

Lexi V

This law group was super helpful, attentive and made sure all details were properly handled. Excellent communication about my case and made sure I was back to 100% afterwards.

Fielding Law Group, Best Car Accident Lawyer Seattle

Danielle W

"Fielding Law Group did an amazing job! My family was able to get the maximum payout! Would definitely recommend them!!"

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