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If you have been injured as the result of another party’s negligence, then you should be entitled to seek monetary damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If it can be shown that the other person’s reckless or careless behaviors caused your accident then you should have the right to compensation. It can be difficult to know what to do after an accident, when there are serious injuries. At Fielding Law Group, we can help by negotiating with the insurance company to pursue an out-of-court settlement, and if necessary, we’ll take your case to trial to recover the amount that you deserve.

Personal injury law, also known as tort law, deals with what happens when one individual injures another due to negligence. When your lawyer can establish negligence, the at-fault party must pay the injured party for damages. The injured party is entitled to collect on:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Lost wages,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Loss of enjoyment,
  • And more.

These damages server to compensate the injured party for their various injuries. A personal injury accident can help you prove negligence in a court of law and get compensation for your injuries.

We Handle a Wide Array of Personal Injury Cases

Boise ID personal injury lawyerThis may not surprise you, but insurance companies are not enthusiastic about paying insurance claims. In fact, they will do anything within their legal power to deny a claim. In tort states, this is not unusual. Personal injury law is an adversarial process and the insurance adjusters are the opposing party.

The personal injury lawyers at Fielding Law Group represent your interests and advocate on your behalf. We keep the insurance companies honest so that they can’t just steamroll plaintiffs making claims against their client’s policy. This often involves simply building a strong enough case to make it courtroom ready and thus leveraging them into a fair settlement.

Another thing you should know about insurance companies is that they’re not enthusiastic about going to trial. Jury trials are costly and unpredictable. Hence the size of your payout is often relative to the skill of your lawyer and the strength of the case they prepare.

Fielding Law Group takes pride in negotiating excellent settlements for our clients, and bringing cases to trial when we have to. We will advocate tirelessly for your interests.

Car Accident

Idaho is a tort state for car accident claims. In other words, one or the other party in a car accident is considered at fault for the accident. In addition, both parties can be considered partially at fault. The at-fault party’s insurance pays damages to the other party, but negotiating a fair claim is often more difficult than it should be. The more serious your injuries are, the more important it becomes to have a skilled car accident lawyer advocate for your interests. People are injured in car accidents every day, due to negligent drivers. Distracted driving is big problem for many drivers, and the cause of many accidents. Hiring the best car accident lawyer to help you with your car accident claim is important. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call the auto accident attorneys at Fielding Law Group today, and schedule your free case evaluation.

Truck and Semi Accident

Large commercial trucks can do a serious amount of damage to smaller cars, trucks, and SUVs. It’s important to remember that you’re only going to get one chance to litigate your damages against a negligent party. It’s important to get compensated fully for your injuries. The more serious your injuries are, the more important it is to have the skilled truck accident lawyers at Fielding Law Group help you make your claim.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists tend to have a reputation for being reckless, but that does mean they’re always at fault in accidents. Nonetheless, insurance companies can exploit that stereotype to paint injured parties as negligent for accidents they were not at fault for. A motorcycle accident lawyer at Fielding Law Group will help ensure you’re compensated fairly for your injuries instead of being blamed for an accident you did not commit.

When people say “I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus”, that’s because they don’t feel very good at all. The metaphor, though hyperbolic, is apt. Those who are literally hit by buses don’t tend to fare well from the exchange. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is to have a bus accident lawyer manage your claim.

Bicycle Accident

In some ways, those on bicycles are in an even more vulnerable position than pedestrians. The chances of sustaining a serious injury even when a car is moving very slowly are high. Those on bicycles who are involved in traffic accidents tend to have a lot at stake when filing a claim with an insurance company. A bicycle accident lawyer can ensure you get the best possible settlement for your injuries.

Hit and Run Accident

Cautious drivers may choose to carry personal injury protection insurance which extends their own coverage when they are hit by an uninsured driver, an underinsured driver, or driver who speeds away from the scene of an auto accident. In some instances, police may be able to track the hit and run accident driver down. Other times they won’t be able to. When your PIP insurance kicks in, you’re filing a claim with your own insurance company. The process can be more difficult than it should be. A personal injury lawyer can help, we specialize in car accident injury claims.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians almost always suffer extensive injuries when a vehicle hits them. It’s important to remember that the more extensive your injuries are, the more is at stake in your lawsuit. That makes it more important that you have a skilled personal injury firm manage your case.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Your local government has a duty of care to maintain the roads. When they don’t, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them. A personal injury attorney can help you determine if you have a case when unsafe road conditions cause your car accident.

Construction Accident

Construction companies also have a duty of care to maintain safe worksites. When they fail that duty and it causes an accident, they can be held liable. A personal injury attorney can help manage your lawsuit and ensure you get full compensation for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Accident

Those who manage spaces that are open to the public have a duty of care to ensure that their premises do not endanger their patrons. If you slip and fall because someone left a dangerous condition alone, you may have cause to sue.

By preparing your case so that it is trial ready, a personal injury lawyer at Fielding Law Group can ensure the best possible settlement from the insurance company. If they want to play hardball, we have the experience and willingness to take your case before a jury. Give us a call or contact us online and we will make sure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

When You Are Injured, the Car Accident Lawyers at Fielding Law Group Can Help

By opening our car accident and personal injury office just outside of Meridian, ID, our team of car accident attorneys has greatly expanded their ability to serve our clients. Our auto accident lawyer‘s office in Meridian has paved the way for us to offer legal representation to many of our clients outside of Washington. So, if you are one of the thousands of people in need of an accident attorney in the Meridian and surrounding areas, our experienced car accident attorneys are available to help you.

For Accidents and Injuries, Trust Our Car Accident Attorney’s Experience

If you need a car accident attorney in Meridian, ID whom you can trust to strongly and ethically advocate for your rights, we would love to hear from you.  Our car accident lawyers have handled many types of car accident cases and we believe we can help you put your life back together.

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