Occasionally we crave a fun-filled adventure close to home. So, what better than a trip to the county fair? Almost every county in the state hosts a fair during the warm summer months to showcase homegrown goods, livestock, and talented community members. And, of course, don’t forget those entertaining carnival rides!

Between now and the end of September, Fair Season will be in full swing across the Pacific Northwest! check out these website: Washington State Fairs and Idaho State Fairs for a schedule of the upcoming county and state fairs in your area.

Delicious food vendors, crafty artisan booths, and challenging games vie for our attention, as music plays over the sounds of people screaming with shock and delight. Nostalgic childhood memories are reborn with whirls of cotton candy, shooting plastic ducks with a vengeance, and buckling our seatbelts to face the forces of motion with our own kids.  No doubt–the fair has something for everyone!

Here are a few reminders to ensure everyone has a happy and safe visit at the fair:

Safe Riders.

Take amusement ride safety seriously, just like traffic safety, water safety, and bike safety. Teach your kids how to be safe riders, and don’t rely on verbal instructions to keep young child safe around heavy machinery. Pay close attention to them around amusement rides and animals. View amusement park safety tips.

Know your limits.

Follow the safety guidelines posted across the park regarding height/weight restrictions, safety harnesses, and keeping arms and legs where they should be at all times. Obeying these rules are vital to a safe experience. Rides are faster, higher, and more nerve-wracking than ever; and while fair accidents are rare, they do happen from time to time. , Contact a fair employee or supervisor if you have any concerns or compliance questions. Amusement ride safety tips

It’s okay to sit a ride out.

Most fair employees are seasonal. They train in safety protocol and regulations, and are not coaches or therapists. If a person is apprehensive or scared of any ride or event, don’t push them into doing something they already have concerns about. Dangerous situations occur when people panic. It’s okay to sit a ride out and just enjoy the show!   10 Tips for parents and children


Stay hydrated and recharged with plenty of water and food breaks. Soda and sweet drinks are not substitutes for good old-fashion water. Consider getting a sports drink, to replenish electrolytes, if you are sweating a lot. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are sure ways to turn a thrilling adventure into a downward spiral of misery.


Wear plenty of sunscreen and reapply often! Sweating in the sun or cooling off with a water ride, means that UV protection is also washing away. Wearing a hat or visor will help prevent painful sunburns.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Fairs and carnivals are for walking and taking in the sights! Hot summer rays can make those asphalt walkways feel like fiery lava beds if you haven’t planned ahead. Sit and relax as needed.

Safety is a partnership been you and the event you’re attending. If you or someone you love has been injured in a fair or amusement park accident, don’t hesitate to contact Fielding Law Group today for help.