Auto Accident Close to Home

Kristy is a dedicated, stay-at-home mom in Yakima. She was heading to a yoga class just a few blocks from home when the unthinkable happened. Kristy was heading eastbound on Yakima Avenue when a westbound driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, illegally turning left in front of her. The impact brought Kristy’s Jeep Wrangler to a crashing halt and totaled his Volkswagen Jetta. Kristy sat stunned in the wreck, still reeling from the abrupt jolt and force of the broadside collision.

Adrenaline coupled with concern for the other driver’s welfare masked Kristy’s immediate pain. The other vehicle striking her also put her in a state of shock. It wasn’t until first responders asked her if there was a chance she could be pregnant that she thought about the importance of her own well-being, and the painful realization sank in.

Police reports note that the other driver was rushing to get home before miscalculating the risk of his unfortunate turn. He proceeded directly into Kristy’s lane of travel, in a race against speed and distance. Police cited him with a Failure to Yield violation.

Even after her Jeep was out of the shop and repaired, Kristy still felt anxious about getting behind the wheel. The crash had crushed more than her jeep! That fateful day in January 2015 forever changed her life.

Getting More Help For Your Personal Injuries after an Auto Accident

In the weeks and months following the auto accident, Kristy often found herself reliving the effects of the collision with the aches in her body. After months of dealing with ongoing pains in her back and neck, her chiropractor referred her to Fielding Law Group.  Kristy’s vision and memory had changed for the worse since the accident. Her medical bills had begun piling up as well.

Attorney Dave Church, his assistant Irma, and the team in our Yakima office, came to her rescue. We were able to refer her to a neurologist and other specialists that helped her body recuperate and heal better, making it possible for Kristy to get back to her busy life and comfortably spend time with her family.  As she concentrated on the healing process, the associates at Fielding Law Group tackled the insurance companies that were all too eager to prematurely settle Kristy’s case.

We work hard to get everything an auto accident victim is entitled to. And in Kristy’s case, that included settling a heated diminished property value dispute on her Jeep.

Kristy said Dave and the team at Fielding Law Group were amazing to work with, keeping her informed week to week, sometimes even day to day, about how her case was progressing. Their medical referrals got Kristy the additional care she needed to physically progress as well.

In May 2017, Fielding Law Group was able to finalize a settlement for Kristy, that was higher than anticipated.

Getting Your Life Back With the Help of an Auto Accident Lawyer

After you’ve been injured in a crash, you too, may need help paying for medical bills, making up for lost wages, or regaining the health and ability to do the things you once enjoyed. Filing a personal injury claim provides compensation for damages, not only to their vehicle, but also for their mental and physical well-being.

To ensure your best interests and recovery from loss, contact Fielding Law Group today, to schedule a free consultation to properly assess your rights and claim to a fair settlement for injuries and damages caused by a negligent driver. Our auto accident attorneys and team of skilled professionals will work hard to represent the your interests and livelihood–just as we do with all of our clients.

For Kristy, and many clients like her, we stand by our pledge: Don’t let an accident wreck YOU!