Fielding is A Reputable Kennewick Truck Accident Attorney

kennewick truck accident attorney

Driving a truck can be a dangerous and precarious task. One must be experienced, especially for dangerous situations, such as the inclement weather that often plagues Washington. Fielding Law Group’s Kennewick truck accident attorney group has you protected when you need them most.

A Kennewick Truck Accident Lawyer Will Provide Advice and Protection Before and After an Accident

When driving with a Kennewick truck accident attorney preserving your rights, you still must be careful at the scene of an accident. The first thing a Kennewick truck accident lawyer will tell you is to not admit fault. Do not say to the other driver, any passengers, the police, bystanders or others that you are at fault, even if you believe that you are in fact at fault. At this very frenetic time, it’s important to be calm and composed.

Don’t Admit Fault

Your Kennewick truck accident attorney will advise that you don’t remark upon how the accident happened. Don’t discuss who might be at fault, don’t apologize, don’t say “I’m sorry” or make other statements that sound like admission of fault. Furthermore, do not accuse the other party of fault by making statements along the lines of “why didn’t you see me?” or “how fast were you going.” This will only increase the level of contention. Many statements made at the scene can put you at fault for the accident, as your Kennewick truck accident attorney will inform you. Physical pain and emotional trauma may effect your perception. With adrenaline running rampant, you may be injured and you won’t even recognize it. Sometimes injuries take weeks to be fully realized. Further, your statements can be misunderstood. Even witnesses can misunderstand what they’ve seen. If the time comes for you to take responsibility, you will do the right thing and accept it.

Your Kennewick truck accident attorney will suggest that you exchange your contact and insurance information. You want to do the same with any witnesses who may be able to help your case. You can wait for the police to arrive, but be composed. Call the police—don’t take any chances, even if the cars involved weren’t going at high speeds. Law enforcement may or may not respond, but still make the call.

Document the Scene of the Accident

Fielding’s truck accident lawyers  instructs that you take as many photos as possible. Take photos of everything possible at the scene. This includes witnesses at the scene, skid marks, any signs such as stop signs, speed limit signs, other cars, and cross streets.

Gather any information from witnesses, including their contact information. Notify your insurance company of the accident and cooperate with them. It’s important that you call them as soon as possible, even if you believe that you are at fault, otherwise, you may be denied coverage. You’re insurance company may elect to take it’s own photos and will conduct its own investigation.

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