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Hit and Run Accident Sends Teen Girl to the Hospital

A 15 year-old-girl was hit by a car as she was walking in a crosswalk in Meridian, Idaho, on Monday morning. The incident happened just after 7 am, in an intersection between a local church and a high school. The safety signal lights were flashing, indicating to drivers, of pedestrians in the crosswalk, when the girl was struck down.

The teen was transported to a local hospital, where she was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Police officers are following witness leads in their search to identify the fleeing driver of a tan, four-door sedan.  Authorities have yet to determine if the area is also considered a school zone with lower speed limits during school hours.

“We’re really just hoping some additional people from the public can help.” Meridian Police Sgt. Matt Parsons is reaching out to the local community and potential onlookers for more information. Authorities indicated that the car has a damaged mirror on the driver’s side, possibly caused when hitting the teen during the collision. Anyone with more information is encouraged to call Meridian Police at 208-888-6678.


What is Hit and Run?

A “Hit and Run” is defined as a driver of a motor vehicle hitting a pedestrian, stationery object, or another car and then fleeing the scene without providing contact information, or other information, as required by law, after the accident.

Hit and Run incidents could also include drivers hitting a parked car without another driver present and leaving. For example, if you back into a car in a parking garage causing damage, and then fail to leave contact information, the law in many states, will treat this as a Hit and Run incident. Leaving a note with your contact information on the damaged vehicle’s windshield is key to obeying the law. Always act responsibly, even when there is no one around. There are long-lasting consequences of trying to cave into woeful anonymity.  Felonies, criminal misdemeanors, and hefty fines are not worth a minute of your time—not to mention possible jail time.

Happens More Often that We Know

Hit and Run accidents are common that we know, seeing an upward trend in statistics, especially among drivers who lack auto insurance. Every state has minimum insurance requirements to cover bodily injury, property damage, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorists. In most states, it is even illegal to drive without car insurance coverage. So, in cases where the causing driver flees the scene of an accident, it is very likely that there is some fear of getting into legal and financial trouble for not carrying insurance or having a current driver’s license.  Whatever the reason the perpetrator flees, it’s obvious they are trying to escape liability, for one reason or another.

Important Evidence Helps Find Missing Drivers of Hit & Run

It is very important to call the police immediately after a Hit and Run accident. Not only are they usually the first responders, local police authorities are skilled and trained to fill in the missing details, by analyzing remaining evidence.  While a driver may be missing, chances are, there are remaining clues that will help them be found.

Details law enforcement agencies will be looking for are:

  • Eye Witness Reports
  • License plate numbers and make/descriptions of the opposing vehicle
  • Paint left on the other car due to impact and collision
  • Car parts or tire marks found at the scene of the incident
  • Video surveillance—if available
  • Any photographs from bystanders or traffic cams—the more, the better

With Hit and Run accidents in an upward trend in many parts of the country, check out this link for some additional tips on how to safely handle a Hit and Run incident: https://www.autoblog.com/2017/02/01/safely-and-effectively-handle-hit-and-run-incident/

Here to Help

It’s important that if you have been a victim of a Hit and Run incident, that you seek medical attention immediately, especially if you are a pedestrian. Failing to see the doctor for assessment and minor injuries will be seen as a justifiable reason to reduce the recovery amount for damages and injury.

Hit and Run claims can be difficult to handle alone. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Hit and Run accident, you need an experienced personal injury expert, like the attorneys at Fielding Law Group, to help you navigate the claim process and maximize your legal right and interests. Remember–Don’t let an accident wreck YOU!