pedestrian accidentDeadly Pedestrian Accident after Car Breaks Down

A man is dead after being struck by three different vehicles late Wednesday evening. His vehicle was parked without lights on in the eastbound lane. Investigators say he was standing outside of his vehicle when he was hit by the first car. He was then struck by two additional vehicles. He was pronounced dead shortly after officers arrived.

The first driver stopped and is cooperating with investigators. The two drivers that hit the man afterward did not stop and left the scene of the accident. The Ada County Coroner is still working on identifying the man who was killed on the road last night.

Boise Police are urging anyone with information about the other drivers who left the scene to call Boise Police at 208-377-6790 or via Crime Stoppers at 208-343- COPS.

What Do You Do if Your Car Breaks Down?

Breaking down on the road can be very stressful. The first steps you should take when your car breaks down depends on where and when it happens. A quiet residential street is one thing — a busy highway or dark road is quite another. But either way, your safety and the safety of your passengers always come first. Here are 8 steps to follow if your car breaks down:

  1. Turn on your Hazard Lights: This warns other drivers that something’s wrong. Keep those hazards on until the car’s safely towed.
  2. Pullover (if the car’s still moving): This may not be possible, but in an ideal situation, you’ll want to aim for the right shoulder of the road. If you find yourself on a road that doesn’t have a safe place to pull into, put on your turn signal and try to get into the right-hand lane as quickly as possible. Pulling into the left-hand shoulder should be a last resort. If you’re driving on residential streets, try to pull into a free parking spot or parking lot if one’s nearby.
  3. Turn your wheel away from the road and put on the emergency brake: This prevents your car from rolling back into the road or if you’re stuck on any kind of incline.
  4. Triple-check before getting out of the car: Make absolutely sure the coast is clear before attempting to get out of your car, especially on a busy highway. But in most cases–it’s almost always safer to stay in the car until help arrives. Don’t forget to turn those hazard lights on immediately. Some people will choose to exit their vehicles for whatever reason. It’s very important to exit from the side that is away from the flow of traffic. Oncoming cars are not expecting people to suddenly appear in their lane of travel. This can be dangerous, even fatal, if there is a steady flow of traffic.
  5. Call for help: If you have a roadside assistance provider, give them a call. If you don’t, call for a tow truck or call 9-1-1 if you need further assistance.
  6. Set up flares or triangles if you have them. But, if not, refer to #4!  You want to put both flares behind your car or near your vehicle, usually about 10 feet behind it, and the other one further away, so long as it’s safe. Flares and bright flashlights are great items to keep in an emergency kit–and can be a lifesaver in the dark.
  7. Pop your hood: A popped hood is the universal sign of a breakdown; an open hood lets other drivers know you need help.
  8. Wait for help: Don’t try to fix your car by yourself.

Learn what to do when your car breaks down.

Auto Accident, Pedestrian Accident, and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

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