Working with a Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer in Mill Creek, Washington

Hit and run car accidents are automotive collisions involving one or more vehicles, where the motorist at fault does not stop at the scene of the auto accident. It is normal for the victims in these cases to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with emotion. It could be especially true if the auto accident resulted in not only damages but also personal injuries. Our team of hit and run car accident lawyers can alleviate some of that burden to get you the compensation you deserve.

We specialize in hit and run car accidents and have seen many cases throughout the years. Our team of professionals will welcome you for a free consultation and stick with you every step of the way. We will review your case and properly protect your rights. If you want lawyers you can depend on, contact Fielding Law Group for a free case review.

Benefits of Working with a Hit and Run Auto Accident Lawyer in Washington

Understanding the laws surrounding hit and run car accidents in Mill Creek is not always cut and dry. Some terms are not easy to understand, that is why our professional attorneys will be by your side. Not only that, but our accident attorneys know both the Washington state and federal laws to defend your case properly. We will help you understand your rights as we defend your case on your behalf.

Why Have an Auto Accident Lawyer Deal with Insurance Companies

An auto accident attorney serves as the liaison between you and your insurance company to reach a favorable outcome. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do whatever it takes to weaken your case. The may ask trick questions to argue that the injured person was partially responsible for their injuries. An experienced lawyer understands the processes for hit and run car accident cases in Mill Creek and will do their very best to get you a fair outcome.

Checklist Before Beginning a Hit & Run Auto Accident Claim

  • Case Review: We will work with you so that you understand your case and the process of filing a claim
  • Gather Evidence: Photographs of the accident, medical records, and/or expert testimony
  • Establish fault by the other party
  • Case begins once medical treatment from the accident ends
  • Lawyer battles insurance companies

Settlement for Hit and Run Auto Accident & Personal Injury Case in Mill Creek

As soon as the insurance company looks over your case, our qualified hit and run car accident attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to reach a favorable settlement. They will include and identify things such as loss of wages or job, medical bills, and/or emotional distress. In the case that your settlement is rejected, our lawyers will provide you with options for the litigation process. It is Fielding Law Group’s mission to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with your experience.

Our lawyers understand the stress of getting into a hit and run accident and will work to give you peace of mind. We will stay in constant communication with you in regards to the status of your claim and answer any questions you may have along the way. Additionally, you don’t pay unless we win! Contact the nearest Fielding Law Group office in Washington to begin your free case review.