Case Study: Auto Accident on Icy Roads

Jeffrey B. and his mother had just left her home when they were involved in an auto accident. A delivery truck came around the corner too fast, slid on an icy road into the other lane, hitting Jeff and his mother head on. The airbags deployed quickly, knocking his mother’s glasses off of her face. At first, Jeff did not feel the pain. It wasn’t until the next morning that Jeff began to feel stiff and sore from his personal injuries sustained during the auto accident. His lower back hurt badly, leaving him unable to stand or sit for more than a few minutes. The headaches were even worse. That’s when Jeff went to see the doctor and the medical bills began to pile up. The costs office visits, treatments, x-rays, follow-ups, and messages left Jeff wondering how he would cover his medical bills.

Work With An Experience Auto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

Luckily, Jeffrey received a letter in the mail from Fielding Law Group, explaining how they could help. He called for his complimentary consultation and Fielding Law Group listened to his situation and took over the case right away. Jeff no longer had to worry about the bills or negotiating with the insurance companies to cover them. Fielding Law Group was there when Jeff needed them the most, allowing him to focus on recovering from his personal injuries.

Our Auto Accident Lawyers Are Here to Help.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact Fielding Law Group for a free case review.  Our experienced auto accident and personal injury lawyers will review your case and advise you on your options. You’re entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, damages, medical bills, and lost wages. Working with an experienced lawyer will afford you the best possible outcome while allowing you the recovery time you deserve.