Hit-and-Run Driver Pepper Sprays Witness after Fatal Auto Accidentauto accident

This headline sounds like it could’ve been an action scene straight out of Hollywood. According to Washington State Patrol, unfortunately, it actually happened Sunday night in Granite Falls, Washington.

A driver hit and killed a motorcyclist, only stopping long enough to dose the eyewitness with pepper spray. The driver then fled the scene in his SUV. Snohomish County deputies later apprehended the driver about a mile and a half from the crash site.

The SUV was tailgating another vehicle when the crash happened in a roundabout at Quarry and Burn Road. A motorcyclist who was a friend of the driver being tailgated was in front of the two vehicles. As the vehicles approached the roundabout, the tailgating SUV drove around the car and over a raised concrete median. The SUV then accelerated and hit the 29-year-old motorcyclist.

As the reckless tailgater struck the motorcycle, his vehicle pushed the cycle and rider into a ditch, killing the driver. According to the Washington State Patrol he then got out of his vehicle and approached the witness (whose car was also in the ditch) and blasted that person with pepper spray before driving away.

Court reports state the SUV driver had used marijuana earlier in the day.  Read the complete story on the hit and run motorcycle accident.

Dramatic Discord on the Road

There are so many red flags in this recent event. Reckless driving. Vehicular Assault. Aggressive driving. Road rage. Fleeing the scene of a crash. Possible DUI. Failure to yield right of way, the list goes on. Probably the most disconcerting issue–anyone can be a target to any of these thoughtless behaviors of another behind the wheel.

Each state defines what vehicular assault is and the several ways it can occur. Law enforcement refers to crashes where a vehicle is used as a weapon, injuring a person and then fleeing, as Hit-and-Runs. In the state of Washington, they are classified as a Class B felony, carrying some stiff penalties, if caught.

Dangerous Dealings with a Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

Total disregard for others’ safety and the rules of the road make hit-and-run crashes pretty egregious for most drivers. Almost every city across America is seeing troubling trends in the number of hit-and-run crashes. Hit-and-run crashes have increased significantly over the last few years. Local law enforcement agencies’ ability and resources have taken a huge dent to investigate the increasing trends in their communities as a result.

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

Even though you won’t have the name of the driver who caused the wreck, you should collect whatever information is available at the time of the crash. You also should try to remember whatever details you can.

Just as with any other type of auto accident, you should immediately report the incident to police and to your insurance company. A spokeswoman for Farmers Insurance said you should also do the following:

  • Try to record a description of the other vehicle and its driver.
  • Write down the details of what occurred, and make note of which direction the other vehicle headed after causing the wreck.
  • Get the names and contact information for any witnesses.
  • Get the names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded.
  • Take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved, as well as any other property damage.
  • Contact the business or organization nearest the accident scene and inquire about any available surveillance camera footage.        https://www.insurance.com/auto-insurance/auto-insurance-basics/hit-and-run-insurance.html

Damages Resulting from a Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

A car striking you can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. Often hit-and-run accident victims not only require immediate medical attention but also a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney, who will fight on behalf of victims in an auto accident. That’s where we can help!

After you’ve been injured in a crash, you may need help paying medical bills or making up for missed work and lost wages. Filing a personal injury claim provides an opportunity for victims to be compensated for damages, not only to their vehicles, but also for their mental and physical well-being–including pain and suffering.

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