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Fatal Head-On Collision on State Route 410

Washington State troopers responded to an accident scene where a Ford F-250 and a Ford Escape had collided head-on. The crash, which shut down State Route 410 for hours, killed the 39-year-old man driving the pickup truck and injured two others. Emergency responders took the driver of the Escape, a 33-year-old Black Diamond man, to a local hospital with serious injuries.

 A preliminary investigation found that the pickup was heading east on SR 410 when it veered across the centerline and slammed head-on into the small SUV, which was approaching from the opposite direction. Troopers said it is unknown whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.

Head-On Collisions are Deadly

Head-on collisions are the deadliest of auto accidents. When two heavy objects are hurtle towards each other with speed, they collide with twice as much force. The impact often throws one or both vehicles into a spin, and glass and metal shards turn into mini-projectiles inside the vehicle. These collisions result in damages that are rarely clean-cut.

If a crash victim is fortunate enough to avoid crash debris, they may find themselves facing other serious injuries that are unseen–like severe internal damage, concussion, or head and brain injuries. Some accident victims may even walk away from the crash but notice dangerous side effects later as muscles and nerves relax. Some of these side effects can be life-threatening if not treated right away.

A crash can easily eject anyone who decides not to wear a seatbelt from the vehicle. The decision not to wear one can prove fatal. The lack of precaution would at very least increase the severity of injuries.

Reasons for Head-On Collisions

Law enforcement and traffic statistics show that there are several reasons head-on collisions occur. Such as:

  • Inattention–Distracted Driving in all it’s forms: texting, talking on phone, listening to loud music, talking with passengers, fatigue or sleep deprivation
  • Speeding–Head-on wrecks almost universally involve speed
  • Alcohol/Drugs–Under the influence of a substance. This could also include abuse of prescription drugs as well.
  • Unfamiliar Roads–Just passing through, poor lighting or signage in the area, or driving too fast through unknown areas
  • Loss of Control--driver is being reckless, negligent, ignoring traffic signs, or driving dangerously
  • Road-Rage. Drivers make rash decisions as a result of tempers fueled on the road that can turn fatal
  • Weather Conditions–Ice, slick roads, poor visibility or poor weather can disorientate or cause a driver to be unsure of his lane
  • Construction Zones–detours, narrow lanes and poor visibility

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