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A UPS driver was severely injured in a after a pack of pit bulls attacked him during a delivery near Puyallup. He was cornered on the property, against a trailer, and he had tried to use a belt to defend himself during the attack. Investigators recovered his boots from the scene as well. The dogs had pulled them off during the attack.

The local fire department rescued the driver, who was pinned behind a locked gate on the property, by ramming through and pulling the victim to safety inside the fire truck. He was hospitalized for treatment of multiple bites and cuts to his hands, arms, and legs.

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The Impact of a Dog Attack on Your Homeowners Insurance

Man’s best friend. A faithful companion. Sometimes affectionately referred to as the Fur-baby. Yes—dogs will always have a soft-place in people’s hearts, often filling in as best friend, surrogate spouse, or as the favorite and spoiled child in our homes. Yet sometimes they snap. Literally!

Over 70 million dogs reside in about 35% of America’s homes. Numbers don’t lie–dogs really are man’s best friend! But each year there are approximately 4.5 million dog bites in the United States–and that can be downright scary for some!

Learn how a dog bit can impact your homeowners insurance.

Statistics on Dog Attacks

Contrary to urban myths, most dog bites are not from strays or unfamiliar animals. Reports show that 85% of emergency room victims were bitten by their own dog, with three out of 5 bite-victims injured by the family dog or by a familiar dog belonging to friends or neighbors.

Who is Most at Risk for a Dog Bite?

What’s not a myth, is that many dogs show a definite preference for people that they do and do not like. In general, dogs prefer adults over children and women over men. They respond better to calmer mannerisms and softer voices. Their behavior has a lot to do with their socialization. Some breeds get a lot more notoriety because of how they are used or trained, like the pit bulls and German Shepherds.

Women’s behavior may seem less intimidating to dogs as they often have assumed a more nurturing role, handling the day to day feeding and care for the animal, more so, than their male counterparts. Men are more apt to roughhouse and play with dogs; whereas, women are more gentle and soothing. Interestingly enough, the majority of animal care workers tend to also be women.

Children, between the ages of 5-9, have the highest reports of dog bite-related injuries. This sharp contrast in numbers between adults and children may be due to adults being less likely to report a dog-bite or seek medical attention for themselves; whereas, the same adults would readily seek help for a child.

Children’s behavior and uncoordinated movements can be scary to some dogs. Kids often don’t understand how they should approach a dog, particularly one they are not familiar with, while it’s eating or sleeping, or even playing. Startling the canine, pushing, hugging, climbing on, and putting things in their face can make the hair go up on anyone’s head-but, especially a dog’s!

Men are also significantly more likely to be bitten by a dog than women. The study holds true to male children as well.

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Personal Injuries From A Dog Bite

One in 5 dog bites can become infected. It’s easy to see if the skin has been damaged in a dog bite, but injury to underlying tissues, nerves, and even bones are not always visible. Breaking the skin can introduce common bacteria to the body that can lead to infections like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Pasteurella. Although, Rabies is rarer, it is still a potential danger if the dog’s immunization status is unknown.

Insurance companies have paid out BILLIONS of dollars for dog-bite related damages. Today, one third (1/3) of all home owner’s liability claims are going to the dogs! Unfortunately, dog bites can put dog owners at greater risk for liability claims. If you have a dog, it’s worth talking to your insurance company about coverage and options for the homeowner’s policy.

Tips to Prevent a Dog Bites & Painful Personal Injuries

  • Do not approach a stray or unfamiliar dog, especially if its owner is not present.
  • Do not approach a dog with quick motions or from above. Allow time for the dog to acknowledge your presence before attempting to pet it.
  • Prior to contact with the dog, ask the owner if is OK to pet the dog.
  • If a confrontation occurs, do not make eye contact and do not run or scream.
  • Do not approach an unfamiliar dog while it is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.
  • Do not leave young children or infants unsupervised with a dog.

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