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292 Pedestrians Struck Last Year–8 Deaths

Snohomish County is the quieter, more suburban county just north of King County. But it gets its fair share of foot travelers and motorists alike. The number of pedestrian collisions has been steadily climbing over the last five years.  292 hits and 8 deaths over that timeframe is drawing the attention of the Target Zero Task Force. Some of these pedestrians had been running to catch a bus. Others were struck while in a crosswalk by a distracted driver. A growing opiate and heroin epidemic has also led to some pedestrians wandering in the roadways; much to the chagrin of unassuming drivers.

Support for Local Communities

A few months ago, the task force received $30,000 to educate the public and help prevent further car-pedestrian collisions. They’ve identified problem intersections and known areas of congestion. So in partnership with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, they’ve started a pilot program to target heavily trafficked areas around Mariner High School and Voyager Middle School in Everett. The task force director, Stacey McShane, said that working with the schools is the best way to bring safety awareness. By having them create videos and design posters, it also gets the kids involved in the effort.

McShane wants parents and the community to know that it is never too soon to start teaching your kids to be aware of their surroundings. In a world filled with constant distractions, everyone needs to have their eyes on the road.

Local law enforcement will start additional patrols in these areas in mid-March, looking for jaywalkers and drivers that don’t yield to pedestrians. Other  agencies are encouraged to get on board with the awareness campaign. We can all do a part in keeping each other safe on the road.

Target Zero

In 2015, the Washington State Legislature passed a law to create a pedestrian fatality and serious injury review panel. This panel aims to gather information on and identify pedestrian crash patterns. They also offer recommendations to Target Zero partners in local communities.

The state’s Department of Transportation awarded $30.2 million to 73 pedestrian and bicycle and Safe Routes to School projects for the 2015-2017 planning period; which was an all-time high for walking and bike safety investments in the state. The WSDOT is backing up their support with another $37.5 million for the same projects in 2017-2019.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) has provided direct funding to elementary and middle schools to support operating supplies and clothing for safety patrols and school crossing guard programs. Safety matters to lawmakers and they are choosing to fund these kinds of programs to benefit schools and pedestrians. In the 2015-16 school year, more than 70 schools across the state received over $60,000 in financial support of their school’s safety zones. This same commission is also encouraging law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce the traffic laws in school zones–as a safety partnership that benefits everyone in our communities.


From children, to students, to adults, everyone is a pedestrian at some point in their commutes.  As grown-ups, we feel confident in our sense of looking out for ourselves, but ask any parent or caregiver what some of their greatest concerns are for their children and you will find that it almost always has to do with safety. We would do everything in your power to make sure our children are safe every time they walk out the door.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has some resources below that will help you and your loved ones do just that–stay safe.

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