Seth: EVERY Victim Deserves Fair Representation

Riding Towards the Weekend The workday had just ended for Seth on a sunny Friday afternoon. Although it was the end of September, it was still warm enough to ride his motorcycle without a jacket.  He stopped at the bank, and he was off to meet his friends to start their weekend together. Heavy traffic [...]


Kristy: Back on the Road to Recovery Following an Auto Accident

Auto Accident Close to Home Kristy is a dedicated, stay-at-home mom in Yakima. She was heading to a yoga class just a few blocks from home when the unthinkable happened. Kristy was heading eastbound on Yakima Avenue when a westbound driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, illegally turning left in front of her. The [...]


Yakima Auto Accident Victim Gets $120,000 in Compensation

Car Runs Red Light in Yakima, Causes Auto Accident Mario Farias had been out of work for some time and was struggling to take care of his family’s needs. He finally got an opportunity work and when that day came, he was so excited. On his way to work in Yakima, another car came out [...]