Rideshare Crashes: When Getting a Lyft Goes Awry

Ridesharing is BIG Business Thousands of people rely on rideshare services for transportation needs every day. There's always a demand for a convenient and affordable ride, especially in the big city. Companies like Uber and Lyft have come to the urban forefront as commuter-friendly options for people in all areas of town. Seattle is no [...]

Kristy: Back on the Road to Recovery Following an Auto Accident

Auto Accident Close to Home Kristy is a dedicated, stay-at-home mom in Yakima. She was heading to a yoga class just a few blocks from home when the unthinkable happened. Kristy was heading eastbound on Yakima Avenue when a westbound driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, illegally turning left in front of her. The [...]

Focus on Recovery with an Auto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

Case Study: Auto Accident on Icy Roads Jeffrey B. and his mother had just left her home when they were involved in an auto accident. A delivery truck came around the corner too fast, slid on an icy road into the other lane, hitting Jeff and his mother head on. The airbags deployed quickly, knocking [...]