Bus Accident

Semi-Truck and City Bus Accident

A serious wreck in Kennewick left five people with serious personal injuries. A semi-truck hauling a load of potatoes crashed into the side of the public transit bus they were on.

Washington State Patrol Trooper, Chris Thorson, said that three of the four brakes on the large truck failed and the truck driver was unable to stop the collision from occurring after he flew through a red light at the intersection of State Route 395 and Hildebrand Blvd.

Multiple Personal Injuries

Local hospitals treated and released four of the five passengers, including three teenagers from the Tri-Cities area. One passenger, Jonathan Hollenbeck, was not so fortunate. Unfortunately, he sustained serious injuries including a broken pelvis, ruptured spleen, as well as a concussion. He required immediate surgery and will likely take weeks to recover, if not longer.

The investigation is continuing. The semi-truck is part of a fleet owned by a private company and maintenance reports and inspections will be studied to determine what caused the brake failure and who is liable. The transit center estimates that it will cost $424,000 to replace the bus.

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A Silver Lining to this Unfortunate Semi-Truck & Bus Accident

Many of us consider public transit one of the safest modes of transportation. So this type of crash comes as a shock to the community,  as this bus accident could have been exponentially worse—with multiple injuries, and even fatalities—had there been more people on the bus or if there had been pedestrians near the intersection.  No doubt, for passengers like Jonathan Hollenbeck, getting a ride home from school will never be the same.

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