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Fielding Law Group is the professional car accident attorney Seattle locals can trust to make sure they get justice for any car, motor, or vehicle accident they face. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye – but the consequences can impact your life for months or even years. We have a lot of experience as a car attorney Seattle-based, and we focus on dealing with insurance claims, medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and litigation. We go to battle for you, so you can focus on your needs.

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All your transactions with our car accident attorney Seattle are 100 percent free – until you win money. During your initial consultation, we will take time to understand your case and will answer you and take care of all of your questions before you have to sign any contracts or pay any bills. We are here to help you – not just take your money. If we realize that your case doesn’t require a lawyer’s expertise, we’ll advise you to take care of things on your own. So, don’t worry about your fees – just go ahead and call us.

We only get paid if you win. So if you end up losing out on a settlement or litigation deal, you pay nothing in lawyer frees. Our team of car accident attorney Seattle are ready to take on your case as if it was our own – without any risk to you! So, make sure you make use of our expertise, so we can get you the compensation you deserve.

Lots of Experience Can Trust

The Seattle area is one of the most populated areas in Washington State, with close to 4,000 residents. With more rainy days than not, there are over 30,000 collisions a year in King County alone. Fielding Law Group is a relatively new addition to the many car accident attorneys Seattle-based – but we are quickly gaining the city’s trust. We have lots of experience in other US locations and our competent and qualified attorneys are here to take care of all of Seattle residents’ car accident settlements and litigations.

We’ve worked on tons of motor accidents, and we have a proven track record of getting great compensation for our clients. We understand the full gamut of the legal system when it comes to vehicle accidents, and we also know how to deal with insurance providers. We’ll help you explore all your legal options and decide the best options for you try. When the insurance companies try to negotiate, we’ll weigh your bets and help you determine whether a given settlement offer is fair – or whether you should push for litigation. We’ve been on track with our decisions thus far, which is what makes us a car accident attorney Seattle can depend on, time and again.

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