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Bus Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WABus accidents have the potential to severely injure or even cripple vast numbers of people. If you have been injured in a bus accident, you need to be aware of your rights and the compensation you are entitled to.

Fielding Law Group serves those injured by negligence in both Idaho and Washington. This includes traffic accidents of various kinds. When a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit by a bus, chances are they will sustain extremely serious injuries. Even at speeds of less than 10 mph, a bus can serious injuries. When a bus is involved in an accident with another car, the damage can be just as devastating. Not only are those who were hit by the bus in danger, but those on the bus are also in danger. If the bus is filled with passengers, those standing can fall and injure themselves. They can injure others in the process of falling.

Use an Experienced Bus Accident Lawyer to Your Advantage in Court

You need a personal injury and auto accident lawyer with experience in litigating bus accident cases.  We have experience in all types of automobile accidents and are ready to put our expertise to work protecting your rights.

Statistics Concerning Bus and Large Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration keeps statistics on accidents that happen with larger vehicles including large trucks and buses. According to their data, there were just under half a million accidents involving large trucks or buses. Of those, 0.8% resulted in fatalities while roughly 22% resulted in serious injuries for which individuals required medical attention. 22% of all fatal accidents only involved one vehicle. In other words, they involved pedestrians, cyclists, and others who were using non-motorized forms of transportation. The majority of fatal accidents involved a second vehicle (62%).

Bus Accidents Rise Each Year

Each year, the number of bus accidents goes up. For the most part, these are relatively minor and only involve superficial injuries and property damage. But with more vehicles on the road each year and the number of distractions available to drivers, bus accidents are on the rise. In some cases, these accidents are not the driver’s fault. In other cases, the fault lies squarely with the bus driver.

Additionally, there are many different types of buses that are involved in accidents. These include school buses, public transportation, and tour buses. Public transportation accounts for the majority of bus accidents while school buses account for the least amount of accidents.

Risk Factors in Fatal Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Lawyer Seattle, WABus accidents can happen for a number of reasons. When it’s caused by a technological defect of the bus or because the bus driver was negligent or did not obey the rules of traffic, then the bus company can be held liable for the damages. Risk factors in bus accidents include:

  • Underskilled or poorly trained and vetted drivers;
  • Mechanical failure caused by old or poorly maintenanced buses;
  • Bus drivers who are running behind or in a hurry operate the vehicle carelessly and;
  • Bus drivers who are distracted while driving.

Additionally, overcrowded buses that get into accidents are more likely to have multiple injured passengers.

Don’t Let the Bus Company Get Away With Not Paying the Bills

If the bus company was negligent in its hiring or training of its employees and you suffered injury as a result, it’s only fair that the bus company be the one to pay for your injuries.  As you might imagine, sometimes the company (or it’s insurance company) will try to blame you for the accident in order to escape having to pay for your expenses.  You need a proven accident attorney who knows their tactics and who will be able to help you defend yourself against them. Contact a personal injury lawyer and we can discuss your case.

Determining Fault in a Bus Accident

In cases where there are multiple fatalities, the National Transportation and Safety Board will initiate an investigation. In most cases, however, eyewitness reports and any video footage that captures the accident form the official record. Additionally, the accident attorneys at Fielding Law Group will conduct our own investigation into the cause of an accident. Determining fault determines responsibility for the accident. The possibilities are as follows:

The bus driver caused the accident

Companies have what is known as vicarious liability. When a bus driver is responsible for an accident, the company that employs the bus driver is responsible for the accident. Bus companies carry their own insurance so those who sustain injury due to a bus driver’s negligent driving will make a claim against the bus driver’s insurance. In some cases, it can be shown that the bus company was negligent in their hiring or training standards. For instance, if a bus driver shows up to work inebriated, the bus company is ultimately to blame for putting them on the road.

The bus company is responsible for some other reason

While bus companies are responsible for their drivers, they are also responsible for maintaining their vehicles and ensuring that they are safe to be on the road. If a bus malfunctions at high speed, there is a chance that those on board and others can be seriously injured. In addition, a bus may not be loaded properly or have too many passengers aboard creating a safety risk.

The company that manufactured the bus or parts of the bus is responsible

Sometimes, it’s not the bus company or their driver who is responsible for an accident, but a third party manufacturer that supplied the company with a part that malfunctioned. One part that has a tendency to have serious problems for buses is tires. In this case, the bus company may be responsible for not checking the tires before sending the bus out on the road and the tire manufacturer might be responsible for sending out a defective tire.

A negligent driver

In some cases, a negligent driver causes an accident with a bus and both the bus company and its driver are not responsible at all for the accident. In these cases, it may be difficult to recover damages if the driver is carrying the state minimum liability insurance.

Washington Bus Accident Lawyers at Your Service

If you’ve sustained injuries on or by a bus, the bus accident attorneys at Fielding Law Group can help you recover damages for your injuries. We will handle all interactions with the insurance company and investigate the claim to ensure that the bus company is not attempting to reduce their liability. Our attorneys have successfully recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for our clients and we can help you too. Give us a call or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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