bus accident lawyerWorking with a Bus Accident Lawyer in Mountlake Terrace, Washington

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are about 300 fatal bus accidents annually. Bus accidents that are not fatal, still result in property damage and severe injuries. If you have been involved in a bus accident, seek legal help as soon as possible. While you focus on healing during this difficult time, our team of lawyers will ensure your rights are protected.

Our skilled lawyers in one of our 5 Washington offices can provide you with the legal assistance you need. We are on your side and here to make the litigation process as smooth as possible. Our lawyers are experts in legal doctrine and principles. Consult with our bus accident lawyers to properly protect your rights.

Why Should a Bus Accident Attorney in Washington Deal With the Insurance Companies?

There are many factors that play a role in bus accidents and various parties that may be at fault including the bus driver, other negligent drivers, bus equipment and more. Understanding the claims process can be difficult which is why it is ideal to have an attorney on your side to deal with the insurance companies. Our personal injury and auto accident lawyers near Mountlake Terrace, WA will listen to your situation and can make a big difference in the outcome of your claim.

There are many insurance companies that will do their best to argue that you are responsible for your own injuries and denying your claim or limiting the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will fight for you and can communicate with the insurance companies. We will do our best to recover fair damages for your bus accident injury and to make the healing and litigation process as comfortable as possible. We will be with you every step of the way. Our attorneys understand both federal and state laws of Washington. By knowing the ins and outs of the legal system, our lawyers can work to afford you the best possible outcome for your case.

Checklist Before Beginning a Bus Accident Claim in the Mountlake Terrace, Washington:

  • Reviewing your case: A lawyer from our team will provide you with the information from your case so you understand the process of filing a claim
  • Gather Evidence: Evidence to collect may include photographs of the accident, medical records, and/or expert testimony
  • Establish liability/fault by the other party
  • Case begins once medical treatment from the accident ends
  • Lawyer battles insurance companies

Settlement for your Auto Accident & Personal Injury Accident Case:

Our bus accident lawyers in Mountlake Terrace, Washington will negotiate with the other parties to get you the compensation you deserve. We will take all medical bills, loss of wages or job, and pain or suffering into consideration. Our lawyers will fight for you to get what you deserve under the law.

Being involved in an auto accident is often scary and stressful. Our team of experts would like to assure you that we will be with you every step of the way. Any questions you may have about the litigation process, we are here to answer. We are right there with you and want you to get the compensation you deserve. We are the team you can trust. Contact us today for your free consultation.