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If you’re climbing Mt. Rainier, you have a serious challenge ahead of you. On the way to this huge undertaking, Fielding Law Group suggests that you carry tire chains while within Mt. Rainier Park throughout winter, which is from November 1st to May 1st. Also, check for updates on road and mountain conditions that appear on Twitter. Roads, facilities and the park close at any time during the winter. We suggests that you follow park notices concerning gate closures, laws, policies and permit updates.

Before you visit Rainier, check the weather on the Mount Rainier recreation Forecast, webcams at Paradise, Longmire and Carbon River.  Check Twitter for road status, operating hours for visitor centers, rangers stations and Inns, and trail conditions.

Rainier has various laws and policies that everyone must obey. Use of marijuana is “prohibited in Mount Rainier National Park, its facilities, concessions, campgrounds and in the surrounding National Forest Lands.” If you violate this law, you can be subject to a fine ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.  Imprisonment for no more than six months, or both is also a possibility. Further, operating drones in the National Park is prohibited. This is to protect the wildlife in the park such as owls, falcons and eagles, as well as other park goers.

When climbing Rainer, you need a climbing pass, wilderness permit, know route conditions, have avalanche information, use proper climbing and safety equipment and submit a summit request form. In order to acquire a climbing pass, you can download and complete a climbing pass purchase online, purchase a pass at the time of registering for your climb, or you can purchase a pass when you get your Wilderness Permit.

Leadership in your camp must have direct knowledge of the routes, excellent and in-depth experience, and must be responsible for the members of team adhering to good climbing practices. Proper equipment is necessary for traversing glaciers and other mountain features. Ropes, axes, carabineers, GPS equipment, etc. are all necessary.

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