Use the Best Car Accident Law Firm in Kennewick


This holiday season, when you travel to the mountains for a ski trip or to enjoy the outdoors, you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. No matter how experienced you are, driving under bad weather conditions is dangerous, which is why you need car accident and personal injury lawyers in Kennewick to preserve your rights. As the best car accident law firm in Kennewick, Fielding Law Group will ensure that you are protected.

The Best Car Accident Law Firm in Kennewick Will Protect You For Your Mountain Expedition

On your big road trip to Mt. Rainier, road conditions are generally hazardous during winter. With the best car accident law firm in Kennewick, you have experienced, knowledgeable staff at your disposal. Car accidents increase dramatically during the winter, making it important to have the best accident lawyers in Kennewick protecting you.

While our car accident lawyers will have you protected on the road, you have to be completely prepared. Fielding Law Group recommends driving with 4-wheel drive or chains on your car and also carrying an emergency supply kit in your vehicle.  It is important to be prepared in the event that your car breaks down in the snow to ensure you won’t freeze to death.

Preparing to Summit Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is often used to train for Mt. Everest, so this mountain is generally not for beginners. Climbers must be physically fit, therefore they should have been regularly training, have the right equipment, and be very prepared. Inexperience can lead to serious injury, or even death. Rainier is not a mountain to be taken lightly. Being prepared requires knowing your route, being aware of the weather conditions, and having emergency equipment. Experience is imperative to have when climbing Rainier. You’ll be traversing glaciers and navigating snow covered crevasses. You cannot depend on someone else to help you in any way.

Mountain Waste Disposal

Human waste is a serious problem on Rainier. 10,000 people per year register to summit for Mt. Rainier and all of these people create human waste. All waste must be carried off of the mountain and be disposed in containers in the parking lots. It’s a take up, take down policy. No waste is to be put in toilets or buried on the mountain. You must respect the mountain and clean up after yourself. When on the mountain, if a designated waste facility isn’t available, you must defecate in blue bags. You first defecate on the snow, away from the trail, place the waste in a blue bag, tie that bag up, then put that within a clear bag. These bags must be disposed of in sanctioned collection barrels, not trashcans. This is especially important because climbers melt snow for drinking water (after treating or boiling the water).

The best car accident law firm in Kennewick will have you covered this winter. Visit or call 206.686.6700.