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If you’re planning a road trip from Kennewick to Mt. Rainier, you’re going to have to do quite a bit of preparing, including hiring the best car accident attorneys in Kennewick. With Fielding Law Group’s car accident lawyers on your side, you are fully protected. Traveling to Mt. Rainier from Kennewick can take 2.5 hours without traffic. That’s a long journey but rest assure that when you have to grapple with inclement weather, including snow and sleet as you near Mt. Rainier, you will be safeguarded by Fielding Law Group. Our accident and personal injury attorneys are experienced, and although we have offices from Seattle to Boise, we will represent you wherever you are located. Further, our car accident lawyers offer a free consultation so that you can be sure that you’re getting the best representation possible. We are here to care for you when you’re in need. Don’t go on a road trip without the best car accident attorneys in Kennewick having you covered.

Use the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Kennewick on Your Road Trip

If you’re considering climbing Mt. Rainier, know that you have no small task ahead of you. Mt. Rainier is the most heavily glaciated peak in the contiguous United States and is the fifth oldest park in the USA. Climbers use this mountain to prepare for an Everest climb. Don’t be fooled—Mt. Rainier claims lives almost every year and is not for beginners. You must be an experienced climber and mountaineer—you cannot depend on a guide who you believe has climbing knowledge. You and you alone must be knowledgeable, experienced and ready for disaster scenarios. The highest trailhead on Rainier has a 9,000 foot gain to reach the summit, which is the same from Everest ABC to the summit.

Issues that you will face on Mt. Rainier include the altitude, which can cause acute mountain sickness, cerebral edema and pulmonary edema. Altitude sickness can make you hallucinate and cause you to make egregious mistakes that put your life and the lives of others at risk. You must have experience with crevasse falls as this is a present and serious hazard on Mt. Rainier. Similarly, you must know how to use belaying equipment for falls on ice. To be prepared for ice and rock falls, particularly as caused by melting snow and ice, you must have the right safety equipment, including helmets, and must have the knowledge to avoid potentially dangerous areas. Further, you must also avoid climbing under serac bands that can easily become dislodged and crush you to death. Avalanches occur on Rainier throughout the year, even in summer, and you must do your best to avoid causing them and avoid climbing unless the conditions are favorable. Weather on Rainier has the full gambit of conditions, all of which can change on a dime. You must check the conditions before you climb, know how to recognize an incoming storm, and be able to act swiftly and decisively.

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