Who Is Liable in an Uber or Lyft Accident?

Liability in Uber and Lyft accident claims can be a complex issue. When the employee driver of a commercial driving company gets into an accident, that company is legally responsible for that driver’s actions. However, an Uber driver is not considered an employee, but an independent contractor. Therefore, liability is not always so clear cut. [...]


After Car Accident Symptoms: 6 Signs of Injury You Shouldn’t Ignore

After a car accident, damages to your vehicle are usually pretty obvious. The same cannot be said, however, about injuries to your body. While lacerations, fractures, and other physical injuries usually present with clear symptoms, other after car accident symptoms may not show up until long after the crash. Even though you may walk away from [...]


Determining Fault by Location of Damage in a Car Accident

If you were in an accident, your version of events likely differs somewhat from that of the other driver. And unfortunately, when multiple parties are involved in a car accident, it's common for each driver to try to place blame on the other. Regardless of what actually happened, both parties will naturally try to distance themselves [...]


What Should I Do If I Was Involved in an Uninsured Motorist Claim?

Washington State allows motorists to reject in writing uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. But why is it not a good idea to go without uninsured motorist coverage? The Insurance Research Council estimates that roughly 16% of drivers on the road are uninsured. Uninsured motorist coverage also covers you in the case of a hit and run. Washington ranked 7th [...]


How Long After an Accident Can You File a Claim?

Each state in the U.S. places a statute of limitations on personal injury cases. You must file the lawsuit within a certain period of time or you lose your opportunity to file the lawsuit at all. So how long after an accident can you file a claim? Below, we discuss Washington's statute of limitations as [...]


Washington State Patrol Troopers to Perform Unsecured Load Emphasis Patrols this Weekend

"Secure Your Load" Safety Patrols Across Washington State Secure Your Load for Safer Roads! With warmer weather coming, the Washington State Patrol is looking to improve safety measures for those traveling with unsecured loads. By adding additional patrols, they are hoping to help drivers be more aware of the hazards and risks associated [...]


Amid Tragic Car Accident, Accident Attorney Stresses Safe Driving

Wrong-Way Driver Results in Fatal Car Accident Roadways were closed earlier this month after three other cars were hit head-on by a wrong-way driver hit. The car accident happened on Highway 516 in Kent, Washington on April 11th. Six others sustained injury. Sadly, the wrong-way driver and the passenger, his brother, didn't survive the auto [...]


Fatal Head-on Auto Accident Between Car and Semi at Tiger Mountain

Fatal Semi and Car Auto Accident on Highway 18 Highway 18 is one of the busiest roads in Washington state. It was closed for over 6 hours on Monday night when the Washington State Patrol had to conduct a fatality investigation. The crash that prompted this investigation happened just before 5 pm and involved a [...]


Head-on Auto Accident Kills One and Seriously Injures Another

Driver Killed Trying to Avoid Road Debris One person was killed and a second seriously injured in a head-on crash on State Route 18, at SE 104th Street near the Tiger Mountain Summit. Washington State Patrol Troopers say that the crash appears to have been caused by a metal driveline, typically found underneath cars, skidding [...]


One Fatality in 3 Car Auto Accident in Lake Stevens

Photo courtesy of Komo News/Air4) T-Bone Auto Accident While Driving The Washington State Patrol responded to a 3-car accident long the Granite Falls Highway, near Lake Stevens, that left one driver dead and three others injured. It happened on State Route 92 near 44th Street Northeast. Troopers say that a station wagon was [...]