Wrong-Way Driver Results in Fatal Car Accident

Roadways were closed earlier this month after three other cars were hit head-on by a wrong-way driver hit. The car accident happened on Highway 516 in Kent, Washington on April 11th. Six others sustained injury. Sadly, the wrong-way driver and the passenger, his brother, didn’t survive the auto accident.

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This crash is just one example of the thousands of car accidents that occur each year, and for auto accident lawyers, it’s the type of case they review on a daily basis. “It’s unfortunate, we see so many cases just like this each year. Sadly, most auto accidents are preventable with a party at fault,” said car accident attorney, Spencer Fielding. As a member of the community and after seeing car accident cases on the rise, Fielding stresses safety by offering tips on how to prevent a car accident.

Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents:

  • Left-Hand Turns. Left-hand turns are especially dangerous because you are crossing on-coming traffic. With limited visibility, a slight miscalculation in judgment can be deadly. When a car is impacted on the side, the injuries are typically more serious. Evermore reason to tread on the side of caution by moving slowly before proceeding. It’s best to be sure before you commit to the turn. If an alternative route is available, it may be the safer option.
  • Avoid drive in hazardous road conditions. If you know the weather is strong and going to affect the roads, see if you can run those errands at a later time. Additionally, do your best to avoid the roadways during heavy traffic and perhaps grab a bite to eat until traffic or the bad weather slows.
  • Avoid Texting & Driving. Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents. Put down your phone, food, or anything else that may distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. If you didn’t know already, Washington introduced a distracted-driving law to address this growing problem with fines started at $136.
  • Seattle is a busy city with many pedestrians, making it even more important to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Watch for crosswalks and school zones to make sure you see pedestrians before they enter the roadway. If you’re in neighbors, watch for children and animals that tend to run into the road abruptly.
  • Keep a Safe Distances. Avoid tailgating and leave at least a 3-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you. People typically follow too closely when they are in a rush. Plan ahead and leave yourself enough time to get to where you’re going safely.
  • Defensive Driving: Avoid becoming the victim of an auto accident by practicing defensive driving. This means watching for red light runners, people pulling out into traffic, and avoid driving in blind spots.

Fielding notes that it is of utmost importance to drive safely, not just for yourself, but for others around you. “I have made the commitment to my family and community to focus on the road when operating my vehicle,” Fielding expressed. The car accident attorney knows that accidents, unfortunately, do happen. None-the-less, if we all practice safety first, we will see fewer accidents and ultimately reduce the number of fatalities on our roads.

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