Another Fatal Crossover Crash

Fatal Crash

Photo courtesy of Kiro News

A fatal two-vehicle crash took the life of one man and seriously injured two others in a late-night collision in Maple Valley.

First responders and the Washington State Patrol were on the scene just before midnight on Wednesday after receiving reports of a serious accident. Only two vehicles were involved—a black Acura sedan and a white Mazda pick-up. Both were a complete loss from the impact.

A 28-year-old male passenger in the Acura was pronounced dead at the scene. Both drivers were critically injured and taken to Harborview Medical center in Seattle.

According to preliminary investigations, the Acura was heading east on Highway 18 before it crossed the center median, hitting the truck in the westbound lanes.

Troopers say that it is still unknown whether drugs or alcohol were a causing factor in the crash.

Washington Pays a High Price for Motor Vehicle Crashes

Auto crashes are devastating for individuals, families and communities alike. Between 2014 and 2016, motor vehicle crashes were directly responsible for approximately 97 fatalities each year in King County. An additional 568 people suffered serious injuries from traffic collisions as well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that traffic collision deaths cost Washington state over $654 million a year. But there’s a catch to this dollar amount. These figures enumerate fatalities and consequently don’t reflect the additional costs for serious or minor injuries. Add those numbers together would be especially devastating for everyone.

Target Zero

Fatal Crash Target ZeroIn 1998, the largest county in Washington state created the King County Target Zero Task Force, with limited funding from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

The purpose of this coalition continues to bring together representatives from multiple agencies. As a result, law enforcement, public health, community and human services, liquor control agencies, non-profits, traffic engineers and other county officials work together to reduce traffic crashes and related injuries in King County. Their goal is especially relevant in trying to reduce the number of traffic fatalities to zero by the year 2030.

Their goal may seem a little ambitious to some. But it goes to show that there are many ways to get the word out in our communities.

Some of their activities include:

Did you know?

The latest trend showing up in toxicology reports among crash victims is something called poly-drugging.  The rate of drivers involved in fatal impaired driving crashes with two or more drugs (or any alcohol and drugs) in their system is 3 times as high as those who tested positive for a single substance. Drunk, drugs, or high…it’s a DUI.

fatal crashes from poly-drugging

Choosing to Drive Under the Influence

Of the 537 traffic fatalities on Washington roads in 2016, half of those fatalities involved an impaired driver. It’s such a tragedy knowing that most of these crashes were preventable. People causing these collisions made the choice to drive after consuming drugs or alcohol.

There are national organizations and campaigns whose soul-purpose is to increase awareness for deep-rooted issues that affect public safety. One of these groups have been in the forefront of media campaigns against impaired driving since 1980–Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Their effort have been especially successful in helping to lower the number of alcohol-related deaths on America’s roadways.

Their mission has been two-fold. MADD wants to drive awareness for safety issues up and the number of DUI deaths down. Consequently, their efforts have not only saved lives, but millions and millions of dollars year after year.

As with Washington’s Target Zero campaign, it’s an awareness campaign reminding every driver to be more responsible and smart when they get behind the wheel because Safety is NO accident!

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