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If you have been injured as the result of another party’s negligence then you should be entitled to seek monetary damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If it can be shown that the other person’s reckless or careless behaviors caused your accident, as a result, you will have the right to compensation. At Fielding Law Group, we can help by negotiating with the insurance company to pursue an out-of-court settlement, and if necessary, we’ll take your case to trial to recover the amount that you deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Cases that We Handle

Our experienced Kennewick personal injury lawyers work with a variety of injury cases:

Why You Need a Kennewick Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident or injury, you will likely be in a state of shock and confusion. You might also be dealing with a lengthy recovery process from your physical injuries, so the circumstances of your unique situation could be overwhelming. You need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, as there are numerous benefits to getting legal representation:

  • An attorney knows what your claim is worth. Most people don’t understand just how much they can get for their personal injury claims, but a personal injury lawyer has the experience to help you get a higher settlement.
  • A personal injury attorney understands the legal process. An experienced attorney knows the legal process involved in mediating or litigating your claim, including statutes of limitations, legal documents to file, and court proceedings.
  • An attorney will improve your odds of winning your lawsuit. It can be difficult to go against an insurance company on your own, as they will have more bargaining power and knowledge about the legal process than you do. They will use your unfamiliarity with the system against you, but a skilled personal injury attorney can improve your chances of obtaining a substantial settlement.

At Fielding Law Group, we want your focus to be on getting better while we work diligently on your case on your behalf. We will investigate your injuries and accident while listening closely as you explain your concerns so that we can get you the compensation that you deserve.

Make an appointment by telephone or e-mail to come see us.  We’re here for you and would love to help!

Kennewick Residents Have Help from Car Accident Lawyers

The reliable and dedicated attorneys at Fielding Law Group have maintained an office in the Tri-Cities area since 2010. As some of the most respected car accident lawyers in Kennewick, we pride ourselves on being highly accessible to our clients. When you decide to allow one of our expert attorneys to serve as your legal representative, you can be sure that we are committed, trustworthy, and hardworking. We have helped many accident victims here in the Tri-Cities with our determined team of car accident lawyers. Our Tri-Cities clients know that as vehicle accident attorneys, we have the legal insight and professional experience necessary to provide quality insight and answers to all of their questions. Our team of respected and successful car accident attorneys works hard to get you the compensation that you deserve for your accident.

In the unfortunate situation in which you have been involved in an accident, we know that a range of thoughts can run through your mind. From how your accident affects your day-to-day routine all the way to its long-term consequences. Are you stressed out about how you will get to work? Are you worried if you will still be able to perform your responsibilities? Have you already tried to contact an insurance company only to be met with obstacles, extensive paperwork, and an unnecessary amount of time spent on the phone? If so, you may benefit from having an experienced and reliable car accident attorney from the Fielding Law Group on your side who will fight for you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your accident.

Let Our Car Accident Attorney Help You Get Compensated for Your Pain

If you are interested in allowing one of our respected car accident lawyers to represent your case, then you are in luck because we are available to take on your case today. Whether or not you have ever had experience working with an attorney, we assure you that each of our qualified and experienced lawyers have the utmost sense of integrity. We are honest, highly-qualified car accident attorneys who would love to assist you and your family. Our history in the region attests to our strong tradition of effective representation. So, in the unfortunate case of an accident, you can be sure that our car accident attorneys will fight for you and win.

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